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INDEX - Conversion Tutorial Index

Before making a new post, check if there are relevant threads from this list to post in.

Question, Tutorial and Troubleshoot Threads
Speed Up Compression by KaktoR
Component Argument Values
Compression Tutorial
How to use Diskspan
Inno Setup Questions Thread
Inno Setup Troubleshoot Thread 1
Inno Setup Troubleshoot Thread 2
Installer Creator Source Code (IC by Razor12911)
Installer Creator Tutorials Thread 1
Installer Creator Tutorials Thread 2
Installer Creator Tutorials Thread 3
LZ4 MOD for *certain* game's data archives
Strong conversion compression
UltraARC Tutorials
yener90 Custom Installer Tutorials
FAQs: Inno setup
[Wiki] Custom Installer Ultimate v2

Conversion Tools
CLS-DiskSpan (UltraARC replacement)

Conversion Installer Software
Advanced Setup Creator
- Templates
BlackBox v2
BlackBox v2 Wizard
Game Installer Designer (GID by altef_4)
Inno Maker
Installer Creator / Conversion Designer

Compression Related Software
Alien Ultimate Compressor
Complete Compression, Finalizing, Splitting
Converter Lite for Advanced Setup Creator
Conversion Converter
DBCode Freearc
DBCode Program
Deluxe Extractor By DLG
DLG Kompressor
FreeArc SFX Maker
Masked Compression
Masked Data Compressor GUI
M&S_Kompressor By DLG
Mini Compressor
MSC+SREP+LZMA Simple Script example
PZlib (Alternative to Precomp)
PZStd - Multi threaded
Reflate *CLOSED*
Reflate stream detector
Reflate (Compatible with ISDone)
Simple Backup
Simple splitting and compress by DLG
Split Kompress v1.2c
Srep+7zip Multi Volume
WavPack for Freearc
Preprocessing / Optimization / Re compression For Better Compression of Games

Precompression Tools
Precomp Accelerator - PrecompX
Saints Row TTR Precompression Tool
Metro Exodus Precompression Tool

Other Software
Arrow (Cmd -Info - Bench -Test) Benchmark test
Deflate scanner
Directory Patcher
Directory Structure Simulator
Dummy File Creator 1
Dummy File Creator 2
File Splitter
Freearc Tactical Splitter
Freearc What Method
Graphic Studio
Installer Creator Converter *OUTDATED*
Installer Creator Templates *OUTDATED*
Image Masker
Useful Programs
Zlib Checker

All In One Utility - XTime v5.0 Full Version
Inno Setup Additional Libraries
Inno Setup Speech Library
Inno Setup Task Manager Library
System Info DLL
Useful DLLs for Inno Setup

Inno Setup Completed Scripts
altef_4's installer
ASIS: Advanced Simple Installer Script
Bambý Repack
Botva2 Slideshow
Carldric Installer (Compact Version)
[GSERIES] Custom Installer Ultimate V2g
[CIUv3] Custom Installer Ultimate v3
CODEX Installer - OLD
COMPLETE - Inno Setup Script
DirEdit and GroupEdit Example
DLG Installer
Enhanced Installer
Final CorePack Installer UI
FitGirl Repack Script
G Installer
Game Installer
Glass BlackBox
Inno Setup Snippets
Inno ZipUnpack
InstallShield Inno Script
Installer PRO
Installer Carl Repacks
IS MiniMasked Script
The Invasive "ORIGIN"
Luciel_1 Installer By Rinaldo_Mod_All_Mask
Mini Installer
Mini Installer
New Installer
New Installer _Luciel 1
Rg Carl v2
RG Catalyst
R.G Catalyst v2
Script Video
Scuro Installer
Simple Conversion RP
Steam Script
Ultra Arc_BlackBoxMod
UltraArc Simply Installer
Windows Phone Installer (WPI by Razor12911)
WPI CorePack Mixed
WUI lightbox Installer
yener90's CI and CIU scripts
Windows Phone Installer UltraARC mod
Blur or Flat by Prince
Metro UI Installer
Froza Installer

CLS plugins for Freearc
AntiZ + CLS (ZLib Precompressor)
cls-fp8.dll - Fast PAQ8
cls-mcm for FreeArc
cls-nz - cls library for nano zip (multithreaded)
CLS-Precomp for newer precomp versions
CLS-PrecompMT (Multi tasking)
CLS-Reflate for Shelwien's release

NOTE to All Members: Do not be offended if something you have written or created is missing from the Index, if you think something is missing from the Index then leave a comment linking to the missed information. - Grumpy

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