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Old 08-05-2016, 12:33
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Converter Lite for Advanced Setup Creator

Converter Lite for Advanced Setup Creator

This uses LZMA2 algorithm from 7z and automatically creates archives for installations
created with Advanced Setup Creator. It works like UltraARC but with less features.

convlite [Method] [Splitsizes] [Output] [ArchivePrefix] [ArchiveSuffix] [LocationOfSetup]

Method: is the compression level that must be used m#, # = 0-9. m#s, s = toggles whether file input should be splitted case if a file exists and is greater than splitsizes set. Eg. if an individual file is 5GB and split sizes are 4GB, it is wise to set this option to avoid some files not able to fit.

Splitsizes: Size in megabytes the input should be splitted to fit on certain media.

Output: Output directory.

ArchivePrefix: archive name right before a number that specifies split number

ArchiveSuffix: Extension of the archives that should be made.

LocationOfSetup: Location of the compiled setup created with Advanced Setup Creator, this adds information directly
to the setup unlike UltraARC which had records.ini, this embeds the information and will now be part of the installation.
Created by Razor12911
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I am currently away so if you have questions, please lay them over on forum and someone will assist you. Cheers!
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Old 08-05-2016, 12:36
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Thank you! Will try it out asap.😊
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Old 18-12-2016, 03:07
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thanks. best, like always!
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Old 11-01-2017, 09:54
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That was good but why compressing by 7z? Is a way for compressing by arc?
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