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Old 23-06-2007, 00:44
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Xpand Rally NoCD patch, trojan?

hi there, i'm new on this forum.

i've been getting virus warnings lately, from different sources, and i've been wondering if it would come from a NoCD patch i downloaded from GameCopyWorld.

i do have the original disc here, i got it with my Asus Geforce 7600GT card (Asus edition).

so i installed the game, and later patched the game to, then i used the NoCD patch from Gamecopyworld.com

i played the game for a while, and when i got bored, i got out of the game, and after a while, i heard Antivir's chime (virus warning sound).

in the latest virus detection:
-Antivir says it's the Trojan "TR/Crypt.FSPM.Gen"
detected in file "C:\System Volume Information\_restore{9AB42FE9-5659-4481-95E8-4F6AF518DB91}\RP112\A0021752.exe "

for more informations, i did got more virus detections of that "trojan" in different files, sometimes named "crack.exe", sometimes named "A0021XXX.exe " (where the "XXX" are numbers that changes sometimes)

i didn't got any virus warning for almost 24h, i even scanned with HouseCall, used Ad-Aware, scanned with Spybot.

Housecall detected it as well as Antivir...Housecall detected some other items to be cleaned. and then later i decided to rescan my computer, HouseCall said the computer is clean. Then later i played Xpand Rally for a while, and after 15-20 minutes i got out of the game, then i decided to watch TV and i heard Antivir's chime for virus detection. Can it be that game's NoCD crack creating this "virus/trojan"?

i have Antivir Classic Personnal Edition installed (with latest update), Ad-Aware, Spybot and also use SpywareBlaster.

as i said, i DO have the original Asus-bundle disc.

thanks for helping me. If it's that game's patch the problem, i would just delete that game and play something else instead
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Old 23-06-2007, 01:28
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Please redownload the crack and scan the file.
Also read the FAQs - Section IV/5 please.
Please read the FileForums [URL="http://www.fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=54193"]BOARD RULES[/URL] and [URL="http://www.fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=73906"]FAQs[/URL].

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