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Old 08-12-2005, 05:22
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Hidden and Dangerous 2/Sabre Squadron

Original Poster: Morglum007
Post Date: 01-11-2004

1) Create a Temp folder on your harddrive.
Name this folder: DISK1. This will be the name (Label) of our DVD.
2) Copy all the contents from the CD’s, starting with CD1, to the Temp folder. Do NOT overwrite any files!

3) Download and Install ‘Orca’
Once Orca is installed, Right Click the file ‘Hidden & Dangerous 2.msi’ and from near the top of the menu choose ‘Edit with Orca’. (You may have to edit the properties of this file and untick the ‘read only’ attribute, but as it is copied to the harddrive it is probably already edited automatically)
When opened you will see 2 window panes, go to the ‘Tables’ one on the left and scroll down to ‘Media’
Click on ‘Media’ this will show you the entries in the Right pane.
Change all the entries in the ‘VolumeLabel’ column to: DISK1
Then ‘Save’ it.

4) Create another folder/s for any Updates, Serial, Patches and or Cracks etc.
NOTE: Name this/these folder/s whatever you want.

5) Burn the contents of the Temp folder to a DVD with the Label: DISK1

NOTE: This method works for both Hidden and Dangerous 2 and Sabre Squadron.
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