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Old 12-01-2001, 08:16
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It can be coppied, AND read. BUT, it won't necessarily work when starting the game.

I upgraded the hardware of my Ricoh MP7040a (which didn't support raw dao) to MP7060a firmware 1.8. I copied Alice without a hitch (using latest version of CloneCD) and it installed, but it will not run as it says there's an error in the tmp file. Of course it will run after using the fixed exe file from gamecopyworld.com.

You can also copy the cd to your harddrive, replace the alice.exe, then burn it back. Now THAT does work.

A question about CD readers. Does anyone know of Firmware changes for a plain reader? specifically, a Creative 24Xmx.
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Old 16-01-2001, 08:05
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George, I don't understand the point to this crappy post?
Any disc is readable. And most protected games will install to you hard drive. The protection routine only checks for the correct CD when the game runs. So of course what you've described will happen.
As for ALICE, I don't think this game is protected with SD2 (only a CD check). The reason for your probs with it would appear to be a bad burn. If a protected game can't verify the correct CD, it won't give you a bad file error, it will just keep asking for the correct CD.
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Old 16-01-2001, 12:42
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Hi George,

don't believe the crap above If you are getting this error message the game is SD2 protected. Had the same probs as you. So why this happens ??? You burner is likely not able to burn SD2 (don't be sad there are of this writers as yours, mine are too ) Some burners can't write some special sectors on the orig. cd, and burn them back as unreadable sectors (originally they can be read and are needed for the SD2 encryption routine). You can check that for you self. Just put the backup into CloneCD and read it out. There will be more unreadable sectors than on your orig. cd. In the normal case the game will start, the start screen will popup and your reader will hang. Take the cd aout the drive and the "Insert..." message will popup. In some cases as your backup of Alice, your burner managed to burn some pieces of the readable but not writeable sectors mentioned above. So the games starts reads out some bits of the encryption-code, and because your writer just have burned not the hole thing the routine produces an internal or fatal error (this only my suggestion!!). Thats it !!! Nothing more I can explain. If you are intressted in this protection goto http:\\welcome.to/cloneclinic.
There are a few interessting posts about SD2 and not only this crappy answers of I-know-it-all_and_youre_an_idiot answers as above )

The world is a vampire }>
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Old 16-01-2001, 14:09
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Yaaayyy, Right on Captain T. I'm really not that big, so if I'm to be pulled down to someone's level, I don't have very far to go!

Yes, SD2 is quite different, but not really in a way. A neighbor bought the Phillips 800 CDR just for writing SD2 images to a blank. I think just about any good reader fully supported by CloneCD will take care of the imaging phase.

My Ricoh MP7040a 1.4, upgraded to hardware MP7060a and firmware 1.8 takes care of the reading part.

See ya later.....
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