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Exclamation Help with potentially broken v7 ps2??

So people, i have a FAT ps2. V7 to be exact. So, i saw that people on youtube were playing burned PS1 games, and i thought, "Hey, this could be my chance to backup my BloodOmen game!" So i tried every which way with no success at all. First, lemme tell you just HOW i attempted these since people always ask "Well what burning software did you use?", "are you sure you did it right?", "Have you tried this?" etc..etc.. I have used Nero, DvDecryter, IsoBuster, ImgBurn, The microsoft burner that comes with every windows computer(in my case a laptop), CloneCD, etc.. you name it, i've used it. So that is out of the Question.. I do not own a SwapMagic disc sadly so PLEASE dont mention "Have you tried swap magic?" BECUASE I JUST SAID I DONT HAVE ONE! you people dont read very well.. Next i tried to use the disc swap method on my FAT ps2 by putting in a cut up gift card as a makeshift key to use to open the disc tray, BUT! compared to all you on youtube when you do it, yours doesn't make an alarm sound now does it? My sounds like im breaking into a bank when i move the tray lock over! "OH DAMN!" so i put it back the way it was and attempted to do it again and still sounds like im breaking into an bank with the alarm going off. Does it have a tamper protection on it or something? Next i took the whole thing apart and tried swapping my retail psx game with my burned copy. Just taking the disc off the spinner was making it sound like the alarm was going off! FYI: for these attempts so far, when i swap for the burned disc, the spinner that spins the disc accelerates and wont stop! Any faster and the disc will shoot out of the system and maybe even chop off my arm! Both swap methods have done this to me. So i abandon the project... NOW HERE IS WHY I CALLED YOU GOOD PEOPLE FOR MY LONG AND TEDIOUS SPEECH: Now every time i try to put a retail playstation2 game in, the disc inside the console spins at like 90mph like the burned disc was and wont read any of my ps2 games!! Ps1 games are fine they read no problem. But why does my system make that alarm sound and why doesn't it read my ps2 games any more and spins them untill the shoot out and kill somebody??!!? Please, any feedback would be greatly apprecited.

PS: I have FreeMcBoot v1.8 installed just so you know if that help anyone with clarification. yes i have tried swapping with freemcboot in and with it out. (Memory card wise)

Additional Details
PSS: I think i busted up the eye of the system... If any of you agree with me and think that is the case, then please post a link where i can buy a new one. I will be making a youtube vid soon to show you what i mean exactly. FallenTomato390 is my account.
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