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Old 28-05-2002, 01:03
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TDK, Ritek and other Media

I recently started having quality issues with the cheap no name cd-R's that I have been using that are made by Ritek as shown in Feurio's CD infomation dialog. After checking the CDMediaWorld pages on CD-R quality, I went looking for what was available in my local stores. After finding that most of the usual stores only carry low to medium quality disks, I ventured out to a few well stocked not so local stores and found TDK and Yamaha. Wary of the issues i read about TDK having IQ media made by Ritek, I remembered the article said that the IQ disks did not have the "Certified Plus" label. The ones I found said "Certified Plus" so I bought some.

When I got home I found that CD-Info says they are made by Ritek (Type 5). I saw in another thread that Ritek has improved their quality, but has anyone found the specifics of which Ritek disks are good and which are bad?

My quality problems with the cheaper disks have been from the reflective layer flaking off and otherwise being easy to damage. These TDK disks have a writing surface that would seem to better protect the reflective layer.

What about CMC Magnetics, has their quality improved as well? I recently found some cheap disks made by them (type 6). These were labled as compatible to 32X. So far I haven't had any problems writing to them, but short of a few problems writing to cheap no name Ritek (green cyanide) disks sold by comp-usa have I ever had any problems during the write.

This past weekend, I was near the well stocked store, and bought some of the Yamaha disks. These turned out to be made by Mitsui (Type 4). They appeard to be silver no name with a blue Yamaha logo in the center and the black numbering so familiar to other cheap disks. But I noticed that these have a protective writing surface instead of the raw refective layer typical on plain silver top disks. As of writing this, i haven't tried burning any yet.

Any input would be most helpful.

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Old 28-05-2002, 01:24
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RiTEK CD-R's have improved greatly over the last two years or so. The LIGHT BLUE variety (Cyanine, NOT Cyanide!!!) is of high quality, similar to Taiyo Yuden. The LIGHT GREEN (Phthalocyanine) is also of high quality, and RiTEK now make this media for Ricoh and other large companies. The DARK BLUE variety is old stock and is of inferior quality. Do not buy this stuff!

CMC remains low in quality, regardless of dye type. Do not buy discs made by CMC.

Discs with a matte-silver or white printable surface generally last much longer than a lacquer-topped disc.

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