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Old 24-02-2002, 03:54
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PS2 Backup onto DVD-R & Booting

I've made many copies of the PS2 rips with CDRwin and normal CDR media and have had no problems.

But I just got my hands on a Panasonic A03 DVD-R writter and thus could do with a few pointers on making 1-1 backup copies of ps2 games onto DVD-R.

What is the best software to do this and settings for the software (if needed) would also be great!!!

Also when I've make the copy how do I then Boot it on the PS2 with neo2.2 mode and AR boot disk.

Thanks in advance....

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Old 24-02-2002, 04:18
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Excellent PrimoDVD and Nero (and later) turotial on www.psxcopyworld.co.uk

NEO2.x DVD Boot Instructions somewhere on www.chipzone.com

The Pioneer A03 won't make 1:1 CD copies onto CD-R because it doesn't support writing sub-channel data. It's fine with DVD-Rs especially at firmware 1.65 onwards.

I have no failures on my PS2s.
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