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Old 27-03-2001, 04:47
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Taiyo Yuden Makes 700meg CD-R's?????

i was looking to buy a cakebox of taiyo yuden 650 meg cd-r's on the web, when i ran into this:

Taiyo Yuden Blue/Silver CD-Recordable media, 1x - 16x certified, 80 min

are these legit? from cd-media world, it says the only high quality manufacturer of 80 min cdr's is tdk. how long ago was that updated? are these for real? thanks

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Old 27-03-2001, 14:56
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anybody know if taiyo yuden has 80 min cd-r's? their website doesn't even MENTION cd-r's...
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Old 28-03-2001, 06:31
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I read about CD-R quality at gamecopyworld.com and the testers found out that best CD-Rs are made by these companies:
Mitsui Chemicals:HP, Mitsui, Philips & Sony
Taiyo Yuden Company Limited: Taiyo Yuden, 3M, Sony, Philips, Boeder & Imation
TDK Corporation: 3M, Pioneer, TDK & Yamaha
Kodak Japan Limited: BASF & Kodak
Pioneer Video Corporation: Pioneer
Ricoh Company: KAO & Ricoh

so what do you think...
If you are thinking to buy some CD-Rs so buy from those manufacturers.

hope this helps a bit.............Sonyfreak..........
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Old 30-03-2001, 14:05
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You can find out where your discs come from with a program called cd-r identifier. Note: not all writers can read this information from a blank disc.

From my experience I would avoid discs manufactured by Ritek: Mirror, discplanet etc. I can scratch them very easily and some won't even work before you put them in your drive. Some even have flaskes where the paint hasn't set properly. I am not one to slag off cd companies - but this is unnaceptable; it's not the first time Iv'e had probs with this brand..

For me the cheap Traxdata silver discs work ok (black surface, 80min, 12x). I get a spool of 50 for 13/$18. Or Verbatim for 4/$5.6 for 10 boxed.

I personally wouldn't use unbranded discs; I had some and I cou;dnt read off them after 2 years(they wern't scratched).

Hope this help ya out.

All the best.
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Old 10-07-2001, 03:00
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... i dont think the other repliers got the gist of it...
but yeah buy a sample and ##### it out with CDRIdentifier. if its made by Taiyo Yunden Ltd then its genuine
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