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Old 27-01-2001, 22:45
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Can I play my CD games on my laptop with no CD drive?

Hi Folks,
I was recently given a laptop with no CD drive on it. I have the ability to network with my desktop machine to load the games by sharing the CD drive. However, when I try to load the game and play it, even over the shared drive, it doesn't acknowledge the drive as a CD-ROM drive. So, can I get the networked drive to be acknowledged as a CD-ROM drive? Or, can I copy the information off of the CD to my HD and have it acknowledged as a CD-ROM drive? You can tell I am new at this stuff, so any information you can offer would be appreciated. By the way, I am only trying to play games that I own already. Thanks very much for your time.

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Old 28-01-2001, 01:30
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Network drives are never recognised as a cd rom.
It needs to be on the actual machine itself.
You can find no-cd cracks on GCW.
However it is still unlikely that you will run any games of note on the laptop as laptop video devices are usually not good enough.
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