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How to Copy Your DVDs to a blank one

This tutorial will teach you how to take a full length movie and make a nearly identical DVD copy that you can archive and play in your set top DVD player. This copy will be playable in all regions and not affected by the obnoxious copy protections of regular DVDs. The whole process should only take about 40 minutes on a faster G4.
1.Ripping the DVD
Copy the full DVD onto your hard drive. This is what "ripping" a DVD actually refers to (not converting it into another format).
2.Find out whether you have enough hard drive space:
Select the DVD in the finder and then press: command (apple key) - i to get info about the disc. Check out the used space to see how large the disc is.
Click on the hard drive you are saving the files to and use the same technique to see how much space is available.
3.DVD transcoding
Now that you have a ripped DVD file, you need to make it fit on a single-layered DVD.
4.Burn THE DVD:
Open Disk Utility (in your Applications folder (apple-shift-u)).
Locate the Image that you made in the DVD2OneX step in the Finder.
Drag the DVD image to the sidebar of disc utility.
It should appear under a divider. Select it.
Select Images > Burn.
Insert a burnable disc.
Select Burn.
Burn at speed Max.
5.Pop the DVD into your DVD player and enjoy.
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Old 04-11-2009, 06:12
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This would be for the MAC, which there is really little of support here for.

Sorry you typed that for nothing buddy.
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