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Old 24-07-2001, 16:03
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i know nobody likes the new people, but ill try anyway..

i was just wondering what kind of things i would need to copy dc games and play them, i hear theres alot to it, and than again, other people say theres really nothing to it...
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Old 24-07-2001, 16:42
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BWeb, rather than answer it again (and again), click the search field above and look for "GD-ROM" and/or "Original Dreamcast". I've gone through this about a dozen or more times in the past two weeks with various people.

If the messages resulting from your search don't answer all of your questions, ask them specifically.
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Old 24-07-2001, 19:21
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1.) First off youll need Winrar (to unarchive the .rar, .001 files into the .Cdi file /.Bin and .Cue Files)Download Winrar Or WinAce.

2.) To burn files with a .Cdi extension you can use...DiscJuggler..

3.)To burn files with a .Bin and .Cue extension you should use CdrWin Or FireBurner.

Lesson 1 (Unarchiving)

Ok first off after downloading a game...you should be left with about 20 or more files (the files will either have an extension .rar,.r00,.r01...etc. or .001,.002.003 etc....)...open up the .rar file or the .001 file with Winrar..then all you have to do is highlight whatever files are shown in the archive and drag them into a folder, onto your desktop, or after hightlighting you can just hit the extract button on the top of the winrar screen and hit extract and choose a location where you want to extract the files to from there....

Lesson 2 (optional)

After unarchiving some games you might see more than just a .cdi file or .bin and .cue file...you'll see an unpack.exe file and an inject.exe file.....basically all these files do is decompress the audio tracks (audio is compressed so that overall file size of archive will be less making internet transfer faster) and ..then injects or adds the decompressed files(wavs) into the the cd image or .bin file
So after unarchiving a game...and you see the unpack.exe and the inject.exe file....simply run the unpack.exe after it finishes decompressing the .wav files close the unpacker program....and run inject.exe (Note: when .bin and .cue files com with an unpack.exe file there wont always be an inject.exe file..after the .wav files are extracted load the .cue file into CdrWin as usual)than your ready to burn your Game

Lesson 3 (Burning .Cdi Images With DiscJuggler)

Ok now that weve got that cd image (.cdi) unarchived and (if necessary the wav files extracted and injected into the image file)we're ready to burn ..ok assuming you have already installed it open DiscJuggler...go to FILE than NEW you'll see a screen like this..

Highlight "Cd image to Cd Recorder" (circled) and press ok
Now your going to see a new screen come up like this.....

Ok first off load your .Cdi file into the program (labeled 1.)..Then Set your burning speed to 4x (Note:setting your burning speed to more than 4x will result in 7 out of 10 times burning a nice place holder for your drink....this is good for those people who go crazy about drinks on their coffe table with no coasters =)...ok now your ready to burn....make sure you have a blank CDr loaded into your CDr drive...(some games require a CDr that holds 700mb's of data..so your better off buying them)....ok Now press ####t and about 20-30 minutes later, Bing!....you have just sucessfully made a DreamCast Backup.........

Lesson 4 (Burning .Bin and .Cue files with CdrWin)

Ok you've unarchived a game and now you're left with 2 files...a.Bin
file and a .Cue file ( basically a .Bin file is the file that holds all of the game data or the cd image...and the .Cue file tells the burning program how to burn the disc...eg: The order of the tracks) ok once gain assuming that you have CDrWin installed open the program...Once the program is open you will see a screen that looks like this..

Click the top left button (circled in red) a new screen will appear that looks like this...

Ok now first what your going to do is load up the .Cue file (Note: inorder for this to work properly the .Bin file and the .Cue file MUST be in the same directory/folder)....Ok second ur going to Set your burning speed to 4x (circled and labeled 2.) ok now your ready to burn your game...Click ####t Recording and relax for 20 to 30 mins....(Just one last note make sure to un##### test after pressing record...leaving it #####ed..will not actually burn the game.it will only test burn it)

~The Masked M0M0~
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Old 25-07-2001, 06:44
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Momo couldn't have made it any easier.

And to answer questions about "not liking new people". It's not the case at all. Frick. I've only been posting here for about a week... It's just many times, new users will want something (ala free games), come to a forum... Get the information they want without researching, and jam.

You either simply want free games, or a sense of community. If you can't take the time to research just a tiny bit, you will probably get flamed.
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