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Old 02-05-2001, 04:42
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Brief fast tutorial on DC copy?


I'm new to DCCOpyWorld... Been reading thru the whole site, mainly the FAQ.... I still don't know if a DC game can be successfully copied or not. I assume it's a YES since most of you talk of this in this forum, BUT HOW???

THe only tutorial I found tells me I need to build the serial pc<>DC cable found on DCCOpyWorld... but do I really need to do that? Is there a faster way? How many methods out there?

Any1 came to a novice style tutorial ? I'm not bad at electronics, pc architecture nor CDburning, but I'd preffer a step by step tutorial.

I'm used to Nero, tend to use 700Mb Black Memorex CDs and so on...

What's the whole story on the utopia boot CD? I read about it but still dunno what's it, does it run on a pc? on the DC?

Plz help!!

thnks so much!
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Old 02-05-2001, 20:27
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try use the serach button ,there's a couple of time ppl discussion about ripping method

go.to/selfboot\nemail [email protected]
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