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Old 18-05-2011, 08:22
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CheatHappens banned Romania

cheathappens banned romania..... :|
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Old 18-05-2011, 11:15
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Originally Posted by drthrax2010 View Post
cheathappens banned romania..... :|
I'm sorry to say but I'm honestly happy about it. Not that they banned Romania in particular but that they went so low that they banned a whole country from their site. It's also funny to see that they're (still) unable to protect their own trainers from being ripped, stolen, whatever, and it's funny to see them complaining against hackers when they're too hackers. But the best is a quote from PWizard's E-mail in a post on the Deviated forum:

Sorry, but after examining our logs and history with Romanian users, we have lost much more money than we have ever gained from that country. It seems Romania is full of thieves, hackers, credit card fraudsters and other lowlifes. The latest hacking was the nail in the coffin. Sorry, but my decision stands and will never be reversed.
I'm not a nationalist (and neither a Romanian, just a neighbor) but I would understand if Romanian people became furious about such remarks. It is so typical of the ignorant and arrogant West to think about the East as their little stupid brothers who know nothing, do nothing, just keep fucking sheep. (This goes USA -> Europe, Western Europe -> Eastern Europe, western civilization -> Asia, Africa, Islam, that is, the rest of the world. Yes, this includes Eastern Europeans on both the Western and the Eastern side.)

Again a glance at what they really are: ruthless, money-centric sons of bitches, a good example of what capitalism really looks like, without the false glaze of user-friendliness over it, even with the excellent quality of their products. Forget them and go on with your life, "let them stew in their own brew" (a Hungarian saying), and tell the same to your friends, too. Boycotting them is the only way to kill them. You might miss a few trainers - and become a good player instead - but your life will be much smoother.

[...] On a side note... For Romanian nobodies to hack a USA nothing site, that's bad, fuck all Romanians, all criminals. But to name only two major recent ones out of the many, for the USA to hack Iran's nuclear power plants (Stuxnet worm's origins) or for USA Navy SEAL's to kill Osama bin Laden (who, no question, had to pay for what he did!) without any prior notification to the Pakistanian goverment and admittedly with no plan to capture him, only kill him, that's all right, because, hey, they were just protecting their country's interests, oh well, "incidentally" in a foreign country. So typically American double standards!

The USA attacks the whole country of Iraq because of one man. How many civilians die doesn't matter because bad, bad Saddam Hussein (who is also a criminal of the worst kind, there's no question about that!) has weapons of mass destruction. Whoops, we leveled your house? No problem, we'll build you one in a few months. Later the USA admits they always knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So what? Everyone knew that even the cause of war was a bold lie, it was about oil anyway. CheatHappens bans a whole country because of a few malicious (for them) people from there. Whoops, we banned you, too? No problem, you get your money back but now away with you and don't come back because we don't care.

According to the PATRIOT Act, anyone can be detained in the USA for any amount of time, even years, without a trial, without real charges, just upon vague suspicion. (No, the act doesn't actually say this but tell that to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.) CheatHappens reserve the right to, and actually do, remove posts, threads and even users with whom they simply don't agree (no abuse, just disagreement!) and won't listen to complaints.

Can you see that what the USA does in large is what CheatHappens does in small scales? It's been long not about users/citizens, having fun/freedom, helping out other groups/countries, rather about money and total domination of the trainer scene/the world. Hopefully, the allies of both will become more and more reluctant to agree with whatever they come up with again and again (*) and both will crash, financially and morally, hard and soon. Only a real shock will make them understand that that kind of style cannot be sustained anymore, very much not. (*) It's so ironic to see a post of DABhand, a great (past?!) supporter of CheatHappens, in the DEViATED forum where he expresses his astonishment about CheatHappens' behavior.

[...] Ahhh, another CheatHappens fan; away with you. Poor guy, he thinks that any mentioning of CheatHappens will support them. Probably, he missed the Maths lesson about signs in elementary school.

Some links:
Cheathappens banned Romania - DEViATED Gamehacking
www.cheathappens.com - Phoenix Roleplay Community; as usual, CheatHappens has no conscience problems with publishing personal details.
Americans were tired of us? - Softpedia.ro (Romanian, Google Translate)
Romanian users banned from internet website - Universitatea Babeş-Bólyai Radio
CheatHappens, funnily enough, already deleted the announcement thread. A complaint: site 404 error page
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