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Old 17-08-2002, 12:01
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Angry DVD Burner problems

I just got a DVD BURNER. I tried to install it and had a little trouble. The device was recognized but when I would insert a disc a would get the "blue screen of death" (VXD ERROR). I am running a AMD K-6 processor. Is my system not pwerful enough? The DVD burner said minimum requirements were a 266 MHZ SYSTEM. I tried setting it as Master (by itself) and Slave with an Acer CDRW as master. Neither way worked. Can someone please help me? I am very confused. Thanks.
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Old 18-08-2002, 11:25
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If your DVD-R & CD-R are sharing the same IDE port on the motherboard then you need to change the jumper settings on each drive.

I would recommend you set the DVD-R as Master and the CD-R as Slave. There's normally a small diagram on each describing the appropriate jumper setings.

The other IDE port on your motherboard is used for the hard drive(s).

Good Luck.
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Old 22-08-2002, 20:52
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The blue screen of death pretty much means that Windows is not happy with you installing things. If the above didn't help, I suggest formatting and reinstall windows (backup everything of course). Windows has a funny way of not letting you install new hardware, I try to reformat every 3-4 months as a preventitive measure- with all the software and hardware I have, they are bound to crash the system sooner or later.
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