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Old 09-03-2001, 17:32
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Freecom (Phillips) burner problems

I have a Freecom 8x4x32 burner which is made by Phillips. It is supported by clonecd but doesn't read/write subchannel data. This is ok for unprotected games.

When I use cdrwin to patch protected uk pal games (eg crash bash) they never work.

I know that there are other people on the forum having the same problems with Phillips based burners (Traxdata, Iomega, Artec etc).

Does anyone know a way round this or do I just have to go out and buy a decent burner ?
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Old 09-03-2001, 17:37
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If they just cannot burn a patched game your only choice is to throw it in a bin and get a burner that will.
There is no way around the fact the burner is basically useless.
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Old 09-03-2001, 18:00
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I thought so. Thanks anyway
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