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Old 20-02-2004, 11:42
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Is AIM causing you to lag?

If you use AIM and leave it running in the background while playing, did you know that the constant refreshing of the ads can and will cause you to some times experience a higher latency, more commonly referred to as lag.

The reason for this is simple. The refreshing of the ads in AIM is set to a higher priority then the game you are playing. This means that while you are playing a game if AIM decides that it need to refresh its ad, it will take network resources away from your game to do so. In the end causing you lag.

To stop this problem you need to remove the ads in AIM. To do so you need to download a patch or edit AIM yourself. Well if you would like to get rid of the ads to stop the in game lag, if you are experiencing, of if you just want to get rid of that ads and free up some of your system resources, try AdBuster .

AdBuster was designed by me to get rid of the ads in AIM once and for all. AdBuster is a small patch, that is easy to use and can free up your system resources by more than 5mb. AdBuster differs from other patches currently out there because it uses two forms of ad suppression, backs up original files, and has uninstall support.

If you want to know more about AdBuster hop on over to ModTweaks.com.

*Note - You must have the latest version of AIM (5.5.3572) installed for AdBuster to work.
[b]*Download [url=http://www.modtweaks.com]AdBuster[/url] - AIM ad removal[/b]
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