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Old 13-11-2002, 11:56
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No Solder Mod Chip and Chip fitter UK

Ok I know I'm gonna get some stick but this is the problem:

Without doing my homework I foolishly purchased a no solder mod chip for my PAL v6 PS2. Thinking it would be the answer to my problems (little did I know they were just beginining).
Fitted it no problem. Only to find a 30% success rate on my CD-R back up games. After trawling through the forum I discovered they only boot CD-R's that have a TOC smaller than 632mb's. Oh feck I thought. In my defence I could only find one chip fitter in my area who wanted 80 to fit a chip of unknown type! I dont own a DVD burner and can only source CD-R backups. So my questions are these:
1) Is it at all possible to boot CD-R's with large TOC's?
2) If not is it possible to somehow convert the larger disks to smaller size so it will boot?
3) Is there anybody in the S****horpe (North Lincs) area of the UK who can supply and fit a direct boot chip for a reasonable price
4) Is there anybody with or knows where there is a list of the TOC's of ripped games so I dont end up a load of beer coasters.

Cheers in advance guys. I know u wont let me down

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Old 13-11-2002, 13:25
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Just contact Charlie_PS2 or Dust2Dust through their profile.... They can set you up with a "Direct Boot" chip such as the Messiah 2 and they can also do the install.....

It sounds as if most of the cd-r games you have are actually DVD rips.... You would be MUCH better off in the long run just going ahead and getting a direct boot chip....
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Old 13-11-2002, 13:42
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BG is correct, Rips do not work well with this mod, Talk to Charlie or Dust about a no swap mod.
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Old 13-11-2002, 13:44
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take it out, use it as a door stop, contact charlie/dust for direct boot chip
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