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Old 19-08-2001, 17:09
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MS Train simulator disc 2 copy sussed

ms train sim disk two.Firstly forget looking for patches/fixes.You wont need them.Instead get Clone cd (trial version will do).
1.make image copy.
A/set read to 1x-8x(dependant on system performance.!x better quality but takes much longer.(Your cdr is first choice but if like me clone cd does not fully support your writer the just use a cdrom)
B/check sub channel data from data
C/check sub channel data from audio
D/check fast error skip
E/uncheck error correction
F/uncheck "dont report bad sectors"
(please remember that different versions of clone cd may offer different options just try and keep them as close to this spec sheet as is possible).
G/Now rip it to image file.I used an 8 speed read ability on a 52 speed cd rom
When image is finished:-
A/set write speed to max.
B/use raw dao (usually the defalt seting).
C/check "dont report subchannel data"
D/dont bother with a simulation write
E/Use burn proof if available
F/dont bother with laser power calibration
G/dont check the "wait until buffers are full" (if option is available)
H/check the "close last session"

I assume that this will work on the full installation of the game but feel 2GB is a little much for a bloody train game so loaded only minimum just to prove it worked. (after this post its coming off my system entirely FOREVER).
fair dinkum mate.
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