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Old 29-01-2001, 10:28
cheeseranger cheeseranger is offline
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Has anyone successfully backed up the Half Life CD?

I've been trying to back up my copy of Half Life and it just won't work. I've followed the instuctions off of gamecopyworld and it still won't work If anyone can give me some pointers it would be great. I have Nero, Winoncd, CDRWIN, Blind read/write, CloneCD and Diskjuggler. So far i've used Nero and CloneCD and they make an image, but my computer crashes when I try and burn it.
Or does anyone know how i use the Perfect Copy frontend for CloneCD? I downloaded it and its an .msi file, which i have no idea what to do with.

please reply to my email as i don't get the chance to check this often.
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Old 29-01-2001, 17:11
~BlacKliSt~ ~BlacKliSt~ is offline
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As far as i remember half life has no protection other than needing an 80 min cd. The only protection was a serial number. I copied it using blindread 2 (not 3) then burned back with nero.
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Old 30-01-2001, 03:48
Mr. B. Mr. B. is offline
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Mr. B.
Your computer shouldn't crash when you try to burn a cd. Maybe you're writer doesn't work with clone cd. Check clone cd's hardware list and see if your writer's on that list.

Anyway, you can even use WinOnCD to copy the HL cd. If this is the prog that came with your writer, you shouldn't have any problems burning cd-r's with it. But in general, this prog isn't a very good one for copying protected game cd's. But as HL isn't protected, just use WinOnCD. Don't forget to use a 80 min cd-r!!!
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Old 31-01-2001, 04:20
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done mine with clone. i have a ricoh 7120 burner
it works no probs...there is no protection on half life
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