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REQUESTS - Conversion Requests to be made here.

This thread is for requesting conversions. No promises that they will be created though but at least you now have a place to ask.



When Requesting NEW Conversion, Please add Game's Size, EXE Name( Location of EXE, if Not Root of Game )
& Any Redists & their path, if included. This will make it much easier to make Conversions without actually having the game installed.
If this information is NOT supplied the request may simply be DELETED.

If you've requested conversion, please report back finished conversion dvd sizes, in topic for conversion. Thanks

Thanks to all those who submit their work, some of you may not get the 'Thanks' you deserve but rest assured your work is always appreciated by many.

Originally Posted by WaltonSimons View Post
Add this to Grumpy's post if you will, maybe all some need is a manual...


{app} - root installation folder
{src} - source folder (e.g. DVD)

Example Request: Game Title

EXE: {app}\Example.exe
or {app}\subfolder\Example.exe
Size: ### MB/GB
(Redistributables can be in {app} (installed game folder) or moved to source installation media you're creating - {src} - which is honestly preferable for most users)

{app / src}\path-to-redist\ExampleRedist1.exe
{app / src}\path-to-redist\ExampleRedist2.exe
{app / src}\path-to-redist\ExampleRedist3.exe

If you're requesting a game bundle to be made, remember to post exact directory structure you'd expect, as well as sizes of individual components, eg.

Example Game Bundle

- game A
- game B
- game C

Dir structure:

EXE names:

{app}\GA\<path to subfolder if applicable>\ExampleA.exe
{app}\GB\<path to subfolder if applicable>\ExampleB.exe
{app}\GC\<path to subfolder if applicable>\ExampleC.exe


A: ### MB / GB
B: ### MB / GB
C: ### MB / GB
Can't find a Game Conversion? Check the 'Conversion INDEX'

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Trainz: A New Era
Size: 13,1gb + /Users/%USERNAME%/AppData (shadow folder)/Local/N3V Games/TANE 5,04gb
No Redist
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Bayonetta 2
(WiiU/Cemu bundle)

Instructions for preparing game for conversion:
1. Extract Cemu and CemuHook to a folder, then extract Bayonetta 2 to a folder within that folder, e.g.: {app}\games\Bayonetta 2 [AQUE01]
2. Configure Cemu so that it runs the game properly and responds to all controls.
3. Make a bat file with the following contents to launch game directly and save it in Cemu's root as Bayonetta2.bat:
Cemu.exe -g ".\games\Bayonetta 2 [AQUE01]\code\PRJ_010.rpx" -f
EXE: Bayonetta2.bat
Size: 14.5 GB
Redist: none


Thank you very much in advance!

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Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold

EXE: StarpointGemini2.exe
Size: 9,74gb
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FFight'N Rage


Size: 256 MB (268,561,830 bytes)


_CommonRedist/DotNet/4.0 Client Profile/dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe
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