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Old 06-06-2001, 13:42
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throwen off nova world when playing delta force land worrior back up cd

I keep getting booted off Novaworld after playing for 5-15 min. I'm useing my back upcd and after about 5 or so min i get an error that says something like "SYSTEMDUMP" or something to that effect. and Bang the game is no longer running and I'm back at my desktop(it sucks) The game seeems to work fine when I'm just playing it off line. I uninstal/reinstaled it redown loaded the up date from nova world and still jack squat. HELP!
Could it be the way I burned it? i used clony to send the setting to Clone cd, but I couldn't read or write the subChannel data. so I just trurned them off (havent needed to use it on any other game I've backed up)
Is this a problem with the backup, my computer settings, or just novaworld?
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Old 10-06-2001, 08:03
Mad Dog{UK} Mad Dog{UK} is offline
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Mad Dog{UK}
Hope this helps...

A friend of mine had the same problem with DF and the "SYSDUMP" error, the "SYSDUMP" soon started to appear on other games.

He did the re-install, update etc etc...no joy, he was using a "backup", or his original, so he did a clean install using his original.

Anyway to cut a long story short, he found his PC had the sub 7 trojan virus on it, the "SYSDUMP" gave it away when he was talking in a gamers chat room. Unable to effectivley remove it, he had to format the PC, he downloaded a firewall, and has not had the problem since.

I would ##### for that sub 7 trojan m8, it's not likely to anything else.
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Old 02-07-2001, 09:57
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I'm certainly no expert, but I had unusual problems with DFLW and later found out I had a subseven trojan horse too. I recently got rid of it, but have not had too much time to test it yet.
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