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Old 15-01-2001, 14:46
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DIABLO 2 playing problems, who has experience with playing on LAN?

I'm playing the copied version which was patched with GameCopyWorld fixes up to version 1.03.

I already knew that playing via the internet was a problem, but palying the game via a LAN should in my opinion not be a problem.

But whenever I try to join a game on one of the other pc's to a game that I hosted on the main PC, it says that it cannot find the server. Which should not be a problem because I can ping the other pc and also "see" it in my Network neighbourhood window.

Who help me out?
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Old 15-01-2001, 19:12
rincewind rincewind is offline
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If you want to play a lan-game, everyone must have installed the same version of Diablo2. If you use a different patch than the server, you will be not able to join. Maybe this is your problem. If you ensure everyone in the LAN has installed 1.3, you shall be able to play.
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Old 16-01-2001, 06:24
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....also you have to create gateways to play without jerks....under tc/ip preferences.....make gateways like ,, and so on....otherwise its not playable......
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Old 16-01-2001, 06:33
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Hey try what is writen in this http://www.fileforums.com/UB/Public/HTML/B1/4748-1.topic.shtml
maybe it will work it is the answer that lord crass wrote to me.
By the way I didnt understand ur Email.
Hope this works!
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