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Cool DMS 3 + 5xxxx scph ps2 CAN USE AR2v2?, Need to ask 5xxxx scph ps2 user...

Hi, guys anyone using 5xxxx scph ps2 with DMS3 modded? my friend wanted to get a new ps2 with this chip modded and he wanted to use AR2V2 too, last i heard 5xxxx scph ps2 cannot u se AR2V2 even older ARmax have some troubles, is it true? anyone tested it?

All WoRk And No pLAyStaTion2 make Jack's A dULL Boy.....

Messiah 2 on a 39006
Guncon 1&2 ,
Action Replay 2 v2.2 US/PAL, X-port US/PAL, ARMAX Evo US/PAL,Codebreaker 4,6,7.1,8, Exploder v9
Athlon Barton 2500+,1.4GB Corsair DDR400,
G-force FX 5900XT, Abit NF7S v2.0,
Audigy 2.
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