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[CIUv3] Custom Installer Ultimate v3

We present you the third big step in Custom Installer (Ultimate) history.

It all begun with yener90, who was the initial creator of old CI (Custom Installer) and later, after some developement, he released an improved version of CI, namely CIU.

Since then, CIU became one of the most popular tools to create custom installations with a ton of graphical and shape liberties to help you to create unique graphical installer for your game/program backups. For whatever reason you make them.

Someday yener90 left the developement, but it was not the end of the journey. There was a person who was interrested in proceed further with this project. His name was BAMsE.

He made some great additions to CIU and most of them are still a part of today's version. However, even BAMsE dropped the project for personal reasons after 2 years of developement.

After this, long time there was no progress. One day, I came up and made small additions and fixes (I'm not a programmer and changes/fixes were time consuming) with help of some of the community's greatest personalities:
peterf1999 (who implemented his own hardware detection library)
Razor12911 (for implementing UltraArc and gave us so much tools for compression)
altef_4 (for helped me out here and there)
Simorq (who has done different compression things and other things for CIU)
Cesar82 (he helped me out too lol).

A few months ago, Cesar82 came up to me and did a lot of stuff. From this point he took over the developement of CIU til today, which is great because since then the developement literally had a jump in light years.

But before this, Gupta decided to proceeed with BAMsE's latest script, v2.0.4 Beta 5, and released his own v2.0.5g.

Ok, enough of revel in memories!

Thanks goes out to all contributors. Just to name a few:
pakrat2k2, Simorq, omdj, houcine80, GTX590, mausschieber, Chayan Manna, sajmon83

Old source codes can be found here

1) Download the attachment and also the latest DiskSpan GUI from DiskSpan GUI thread and extract both files using WinRar or 7Zip.
2) Move the "COMPRESSOR" folder from the DiskSpan_GUI attachment to the CIU source code folder.

Initial Creator: Yener90
Former Modder: BAMsE
Current Modder: Cesar82

Inno Setup Unicode by Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan

=========== Libraries Used ===========
Bass Audio Library (BASS.dll) by un4seen developments
Botva2 Library (Botva2.dll) by South.Tver
CallbackCtrl Plugin (CallbackCtrl.dll) by RESTOOLS
Splash Plugin (IsGsg.dll) by South.Tver
Media Player Plugin (ISMediaLib.dll) by altef_4
Codejock Skin Library (ISSkin.dll) by Codejock Software
Slideshow Plugin (IsSlideShow.dll) by Dimon-na-domu
System Information Plugin (ISSysInfo.dll) by peterf1999
Packer Library (Pckr.dll) by altef_4
VCL Style Plugin (VclStylesInno.dll) by Rodrigo Ruz
Library for archive unpacking, PB and other stuff (ISDone.dll) by ProFrager
Library for FreeArc unpacking (UnArc.dll) by Bulat Ziganshin

============ Other Things ============
FreeArc by Bulat Ziganshin
DiskSpan by Razor12911
Quick Ani2Icon by Carifred

Q - What's the difference between UltraArc and DiskSpan?
A - DiskSpan is a CLS module created by Razor12911 initially to replace UltraArc. DiskSpan doesn't have to merge splitted archives back to a single original archive like UltraArc. It is the same principle as a splitted WinRAR / 7zip archive. In UltraArc, splitted archives have to be merged back to original archive before extraction starts, which is - depending on the size - time consuming. In some cases it could double the installation time and even double (or more) the installation size temporaly.

Q - How to use non-DiskSpan/UltraArc freearc archives?
A - Just create one and add it to records.ini.

Q - How to use my own compressors with CIUv3?
A - Make a folder with all your tools need to decompress the archive (arc.ini, cls.ini, cls files, etc.......), mark all files and create a simple freearc archive with any internal freearc compression you want. Name this archive "Setup.dll" and place it next to Setup.exe. Inside this archive you can also include records.ini if you like.

Q - I just see blank pages in help CHM file. What can I do?
A - Right click on the file -> Properties -> check the "Allow" checkbox on the bottom, then click Ok. Now you can see the file contents.

--- May be continued ---
Attached Files
File Type: 7z CIU (2022.09.25).7z (47.76 MB, 1056 views)
File Type: 7z CIU (2023.07.30).7z (52.00 MB, 278 views)
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