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Old 09-04-2002, 05:52
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Flashpoint Gold and No-Cd

I decided to finally buy the Gold Edition of Operation Flashpoint (That includes original game and the gold upgrade). Finally I got the Red Hammer too, as it was nowhere available "unofficially". Now I wonder, does the no-cd crack (v1.46) work well? On the original field manual it says "Keep the disc scratch free" and such, yet I have tried before, and lost my original NBA Live 99 and FIFA 2000 discs thanks to glorious accidents which caused scratches and slowdowns. I have StarCraft game using no-cd and ground control (+expansion pack) using it too now while CD's are in drawer. Yet I want to know if Flashpoints 1.46 no-cd evades the fade well. I have to admit that before buying gold, I used a very good copied version of v1.0 Flashpoint, and upgraded it to 1.46. And then I used no-cd there. What happened was the game kept dropping into windows (using 1.0 no-cd exe it did never happen, but in others, up to 1.46 it did). And it caused lockups. Now as I bought Gold, I thought that what if the problem was my computer, yet after installing, and also patching, the game runs without a flaw for a week now. So I wonder if the no-cd exe 1.46 works fine, that is available from GameCopy World.

Thanks for any help you people can give me.
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