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Precomp038 and 040 do not I would take it consider as pre-compressor given that does not support the deflate streams of the internal files, the rest of the family Precomp you can value them from graphics.

PZlib has a high ratio pre-compressor with amazing speed of pre-compression and decompression, it detects only the streams zlib compressed that have headers at the beginning of the file data block.

Reflate is one of the best pre-compressors with the highest absolute pre-compression ratio, but in the version tested it is not one of the first in pre-compression times, and last classified in decompression times. ( In continuously updated to improve its great potential )

Antiz excellent pre-compressor that supports any file that contains standard deflate streams, with good times pre-compression and decompression.

Zlib-Jo something new for me, still being tested, but the potential is really very good, with a high pre-compression threshold, and with excellent times of pre-comp and decomp.
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thnx felice2011 In the end you are the boss of comparison Just one thing
will zlib-jo be for public or private only ??
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experience, precomp

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