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Old 02-12-2001, 03:01
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supa chin
new to ps2 please help... want to back up my new games

hello... fellas! i just recently purchased a ps2 w/ burn out, gt3, and tokyo xtreme zero. i want to back these games up... just in case it get's scratched. i've read the forum but i'm lost! don't know how the burning process works! i know how to burn dc games. i've got 20 games that i've successfully burned. the programs that i have is...


but i only know how to work the 2 win programs and discjuggler. can someone please help me... and guide me thru backing up my games? PLEASE! your prompt attention will be truly appreciated!
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Old 02-12-2001, 03:27
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CD games back up with CLONECD ( ####://www.elbe.de ). You need a fully compatible burner and the site identifies these. Instructions are at ####://www.ps2ownz.com

DVD games back up with PRIMODVD using the Pioneer A03 DVD writer. Instructions also at ps2ownz.

You do have to do some research and learning yourself.
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Old 02-12-2001, 04:03
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u also need a mod chip for your ps2
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Old 02-12-2001, 04:12
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In that case .... I'll assume that you have an original game to copy such as one you have bought and wish to protect. You will need a modchip for your PS/PS2, and the right PC copying software & burner.

Go to ####://www.megagames.com or ####://www.sgt-dan.com/ or ####://www.psxcopyworld.co.uk for detailed advice on what follows.
The basics are:

You’ll need to get the PS/PS2 chipped to allow backups to play. Go to the website <####://www.playstationmods.com> or ####://www.madeiragames.com whence you can buy a mod. An internal mod is recommended & if you live in the UK, they'll do it for you if you are not a soldering whizzo. You could also visit ####://www.modchip.com for their solution, especially in the USA.

You will then need copying & patching software. I recommend just two programs and in my view you need them both: they are CLONECD & CDR-WIN. The former makes 1:1 copies (you'll need the tutorial from one of the above mentioned sites). Thus if you have an unprotected game (megagames.com lists games for which there are patches & the type of patch required; you could also visit ####://www.sgt-dan.com/ and ####://www.ps2ownz.com for lists/databases of games & their patches). If the game is of the same denomination as your PS/PS2 (e.g. PAL), CLONECD does the job perfectly. CDR-WIN stages the CD copy to your PC's hard disk so that you can patch the game as necessary (with PPF-O-MATIC.EXE downloaded from megagames.com together with the patches); then you burn the game back to the CD with CDR-Win. Settings are important so get the tutorial.

For the above to work properly, your CD-R MUST be compatible with the burning programs. The sites from which you download the programs list the compatible devices. CDR-WIN requires an ASPI layer to be present and this can be downloaded from ####://www.goldenhawk.com

If you copy games from one TV standard (like NTSC) to play on another standard (like PAL) then the game may or may not play in colour. There are patches to change this or you could buy a convertor that sits between your TV and the PS/PS2. I have one of these because I hate patching & the patches don't always work.

Your biggest challenges will be DVD games & Protected Games. DVD games can noe be backed up using PrimoDVD software. Sgt Dan's site describes how to boot from a DVD backup using the NEO2 modchip solution. Nero 5.5 will burn DVDs in a suitable fashion but I haven't tried it. The cheapest DVD burner & the cost of media make it still worthwhile to buy the damn DVD game! Protected games are likely to be an increasing issue. Megagames, Sgt Dan and PS2ownz are usually cute here but for EA games, go to ####://www.eapatcher.com .

Finally an explanation of why the foregoing is necessary. Sony have gone to a lot of trouble to stop people backing up their games. Sony accomplish this by going through some clever pre-boot stuff that identifies from info pressed onto the CD/DVD whether or not the media is original. So we always have to boot with compliant media (developed, for example, with the Sony OEM kit), pause the process, swap in the copy game (patched for NTSC/PAL or copy protection defeat), & carry on.
This forum has more than 24,000 subscribers. I'd bet that the bulk of them started off like you. It's not that difficult when you've done it once, especially with CloneCD.

Good luck & I hope this reply has been helpful
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