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Old 28-04-2002, 13:13
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Question Tomb Raider 3 protected???

Hello everybody!

I searched all the lists on consolecopyworld, but I found out, that Tomb Raider 3 isn't protected!
I tried three times to copy it with cloneCD and Clony XL.
I even made a backup with 2x reading and 2 x writing speed.
But it does'nt work. It always stops, when the black Playstation screen pops up.

Are there special settings, copy tools or else? If not, where can I get a patch for Tomb Raider 3. Maybe a pacth with trainers?

Please help me!

P.S.: The orginal CD is in 100% perfect condition!

Ah, yeah, I use a PlexWriter 24x/10x/40x

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Old 28-04-2002, 14:26
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Well your right, there is no patch required for this one.

Are you sure that you burner is 100% compatable CloneCD? this could be the reason for the coasters.

Try using CDRWin, leaving all the setting as default but make sure the RAW option is enabled during the read session and not the write session. Keep the speeds slow, 2x read and 4x write. If you still have problems then try using a branded media like TDK or Verbatum.
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Old 28-04-2002, 14:38
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Exclamation Well I think so

Yeah, I think that my bruner is CloneCD compatible!
It's a Plextor Burner. It burns Safedisc V2... without any problems and it burned two other games with the same settings perfectly!
Only TR 3 doesn't work!

Thanx, I'll have a try with CDRWin. I hope it will work then. I use the CDRWin 5.0 are the settings the same on default? Or do I have to change something? Wich RAW Mode is the right one?

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Old 29-04-2002, 00:31
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I have had the same problem as you with TR3. I have tried burning with clonecd and nero (at low speeds), which have produced perfect backups for all other games.

Would be useful to know the answer if somebody knows.
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