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Old 11-02-2007, 11:18
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backing up you'r own umd games

there are several ways to do this

if you are running version 1.50 on you'r psp you can use a application called
dax umd ripper this application will alloy you to rip the umd disc to you'r psp memory stick providing you have sufficient free space.

however for users of 1.50 and all custom firmwares including all S-E and O-E firmwares there is a new application called USBSSS this software allowys you to rip the game to the mem stuck as before but now also allows you to rip it directley to you'r pc via usb
heres a copy of the read me file

Booster Releases PSP UMD Dump Tool - UMD can be read direct from PC!


Booster, the creator of Devhook is back with a great PSP UMD dump utility called PSP UMD Dump tool. It mounts system data to USB storage and count mount a few devices onto virtual FAT16 and connects it to mass USB storage. The UMD can be read direct from a computer without actually embarking on the 'dumping process'.

More Infro from Booster

USB Special System Storage 1.00

This is the tool which mounts system data and system device to USB
Storage.mIt can mount the following device onto virtual FAT16 and connects itmto USB MassStorage.

1.UMD ISO9660 image.
2.Sysytem Memories and some registers.
3.lflash(NANDflashROM) pertation image.
4.lflash(NANDflashROM) direct. (FAT12 direct file access)

It is mounted in ReadOnly except the NORMAL mode.mSo the flashROM and system data are safely protected.

The UMD can read direct from PC without dump process.mUse UMDGEN or DAEMON Tool to access the file of UMD.

Be careful that PC cache's does not realtime read when reading Memory and Register twice.

again i will not post the appliactions due to legality
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Old 05-08-2007, 12:04
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thanks for the info.....

doing my homework to perfect my psp... thanks
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Old 18-05-2008, 06:27
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if you psp is on a custom firmware higher than v3.52m33-4, then there is an easier way to back-up your umd's.

1. enter the "VSH menu" (for custom firmware v3.52m33-4, press "Home" and for v3.71m33-5 and above, press "Select")
2. scroll down to "USB Device" and press left or right on the D pad until it reads "UMD Disc" and exit the VSH menu.
3. select the "USB Connection" icon (make sure that you have a usb cable attached)
4. a screen should pop up on you pc/laptop with a single file in it. this is an image of the umd that's in the drive. if you do not get a screen that pop's up, simply go into your "My Computer" and open the "Removable Drive".
5. copy and paste that file to somewhere where you can find easily on your pc/laptop.
6. when it has finished copying, you can then rename the file to the games name.
7. exit out of the usb connection and follow steps 1 and 2. but this time select "Memory Stick" and exit the vsh menu.
8. now you can place that file into the "ISO" folder in the root directory of your mem card. if there is no "ISO" file, make one.

in step 2 and 7, make sure that you only select "USB Device" or "Memory Stick". if you select any of the "Flash folders" and you delete, move or overwrite any of the files/folders, then there is a high chance of bricking your psp. the flash folders should only be accessed by experienced psp hackers. no one on here will take responsibility for you messing around in the flash folders and bricking your psp. you have been warned.
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