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quide to downgrading and upgrading you'r psp

first off this guide was written for another site so bear with me also all downlaads linking from this post have been disabled be creative the apps you need are very easy to come by other than that just read it and enjoy

This Guide focus's on Downgrading and Installing a Custom Firmware on your PSP. If you're looking for customization tips then view ephumuris's guide , also found in here in the stickies.

1) Downgrading

First of all, if you have a firmware 2.71 PSP or lower, you will need to downgrade to 1.5 to start the process. If you have 2.5/6 or 2.0 i would reccommend upgrading to 2.71 first. (here - for the update).

Now that you have 2.71, or if you already had it, you are ready to downgrade. Fully charge your battery and connect your ac adapter.

here for the downgrader. The full and lite versions are available from there (full does everything for you, lite takes some work), now legally your only allowed the lite one, but nobody's looking

After you get the downgrader, check that you don't have a TA-082 motherboard, (TA-082? - don't worry all of this is explained in the downgrader). Just follow the steps and you should end up with a nice shiny 1.5 firmware psp.

1.25) 2.80 Downgrading

Very similar to the 2.71 downgrade. Just use this programme, instead and follow the included guide.

1.5) 2.71TA-082 Downgrading

1) Copy the UPDATE and idstoragechange folders into /PSP/GAME/

2) Get the official sony 1.50 eboot and put it in the /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder with the name of UPDATE.PBP

3) Run HEN-D if you are not already running it. Go to Photo --> Hen-D (press "X"). PSP should do either of the following:

Blue screen -> green screen -> automatic restart = Successful
Blue screen -> red screen = Unsuccessful
PSP crashes or freezes = Unsuccessful

You many need to do this step a few times to get it working properly, but it is completely safe, so do worry about it.

Once restarted, you can check if HEN-D is running by looking under the system information.

4) Execute the idstoragechange. It needs your battery to be at 75%. It will change some keys of your idstorage needed to downgrade from a TA-082.

5) The program will exit to the XMB. Now execute the generic downgrader, which will show in the XMB as "Update X.YX" under the GAME icon.

6) The generic downgrader will also need your battery to be at 75%. It will then start to downgrade your PSP to FW 1.50.

7) At the end, it will ask you to press X to restart your PSP. Do it.

If all went fine, you'll receive a blue screen telling you that your settings are corrupted, this is fine, go ahead and press the O button to reset your settings to default. After it resets, you will need to re-enter your settings, such as name and language. Welcome to 1.50.

Get the Downgrader: here

1.75) 2.80 TA-082 Downgrading

1) Install HEN-D (see the included readme)

2) Confirm HEN-D is working, i.e. run the included cube demo.

3) Run the “TA082 IdStorage Changer”, via HEN, to patch your registry before downgrading.

4) Download the 1.5 update EBOOT, rename to UPDATE.PBP, and copy it to the ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE on your memory stick

5) Launch “PSP Update ver X.YZ” program via HEN-D, and follow the instructions.

1.875) 3.03 Downgrading (ALL MOTHERBOARDS)

First things first, You will need an UNPATCHED COPY of GTA: Liberty City Stories. If you don't have one, then you'll need to purchase one.

If you are running, firmware 2.81, 3.00, 3.02 etc, you will need to upgrade to 3.03 first.
Now that you are on FW 3.03, download the downgrader Now that you have the downgrader, the unpatched GTA:LCS and are on fw 3.03, we're ready to downgrade

1) Copy the contents of the MS_ROOT folder to your psp

2) Run GTA, It should get to loading savegame, then the screen will clear to black
and fill with a light blue colour, then the PSP will reset itself.

3) Check that HEN is running by going to system settings, then to
"System Information" and it should show up as system version
303 HEN

4) If it is showing up as HEN then go to the memory stick and
run the "X.YZ UPDATE".

5) If you have an unpatched TA-082 or higher motherboard, you will be
prompted to allow the downgrader to patch your motherboard so it
can be safely downgraded. The downgrader will not let you proceed
without patching, if your motherboard requires it.

6) As always make sure your psp has over 75% battery and that the AC adapter is plugged in all the way through the downgrade. Once you have agreed to start the downgrade do not unplug the PSP, or try and restart it.

7) Once finished the PSP will ask you to press X, and reset itself

8) If it comes up saying that the settings are corrupt, press O
to continue, this will mean you will need to re-enter the
settings for network connections into your PSP, if not skip to step 10

9) If you can't remember how your PSP was set up to access the internet, or can't be bothered putting it all in again, load the included NetConfigBackup application in your PSP, and select to restore, this will take the backup that was done of the network configuration. BUT BE CAREFUL AS THIS PROGRAM CAN BE DANGEROUS!!! If it all possible, just manually re-enter your settings.

10) You have a 1.50 PSP, Enjoy

If you're having any problems understanding what to do, or need help, just post your questions here, and i'll help you ASAP


- Ensure that you have the original GTA LCS, it should have a 2.00 update
on the UMD, if it does not then it is a later version and can not be used
to downgrade.

- If GTA does not load 3.03 HEN and it loads up a save game, try making
a backup copy of all of the directories in <pspdrive>:/PSP/SAVEDATA/
before deleting them. Then try copying the contents of the 303 HEN zip
to there.

- If when trying to restore the network configuration using netconf backup you
find that it gives you an error on the downgraded 1.50 PSP, try adding
a temporary network configuration, then deleting it and run the netconf backup

This is for all motherboards. And for this you WILL need either a PAL or US version of the game Lumines, like THIS ONE. Now let's begin...

I) Firstly, you will need to upgrade your psp to version 3.50, DOWNLOAD the update, and place it in PSP/GAME/UPDATE and run it from your memory stick.

II) Now that you're on 3.50, DOWNLOAD the downgrader

III) For safety, back up your data and format your memory stick (optional)

IV) Extract the 3.50 Downgrader and copy the contents of the MS_ROOT folder to your memory stick. Your pc should ask to overwrite the "PSP" folder. Click yes.

V) Run Lumines and press X. The screen will then go bright blue and your psp will reset, don't worry, this is normal. When your psp turns on, go to settings-->system
settings-->system information. Check that it says "System version: 3.50 HEN" If it doesn't, repeat this step

VI) If HEN is showing, then go to your memory stick and run "x.yz update"

VII) Depending on your motherboard, the downgrader may ask you if you want to patch it. Just agree to all and continue with the downgrade.

VIII) Your PSP is now downgrading.... make sure the battery stays in the unit and the ac adapter is plugged in

IX) Once finished the PSP will ask you to press X, and reset itself. When your psp starts up, you will get the blue screen of death and it will say your settings are corrupt. Just press X or O for japanese psp's and continue

X) You have a 1.50 psp

2) Upgrading to 3.40 OE-A

3.40 OE-A is a custom firmware that allows you to play all homebrew, ISOs, PSX ISOs(after being converted mind you) etc, whilst having things like the web browser and music visuals. Very noob freindly!!!

Firstly download this

For 1.5 users copy the 2 folders (340oeflasher and 340oeflasher%) to the GAME directory
eg) E:\PSP\GAME\put them here

For custom firmware users (2.71 se-x, 3.02 oe-x, 3.03 oe-x, 3.10 oe-x or 3.30 oe-x) copy the 2 folders (340oeflasher and 340oeflasher%) to the GAME150 directory (if you don't have one, make one [right click, create new folder])
eg) E:\PSP\GAME150\put them here

Simply run the 3.30 OE-A update from your memory stick

*NOTE* Some customizations, as of yet, do not work on this firmware

Previous Firmwares:

3.30 OE-A, A2
3.10 OE-A, A2
3.03 OE-C

(All are ready-made, all that's needed is to copy/paste them to GAME150)

Easy Installers:

Don't know where to put the folders? Let my programs do it for you:

3.03 OE-C Installer
3.10 OE-A Installer
3.30 OE-A Installer
3.40 OE-A Installer

3) Playing isos

To play ISOs on your PSP, you firstly need to download them. You can acquire them from this great site! After you have the ISO, you need to create a folder on your PSP called ISO, it should already be there, if not it should be in the root of the memory stick, which means the first folders you see when you click on "removable disk" the folder PSP should also be there. Simply copy and paste your ISO there. You then go to the saved game section and it should appear, Voila!!!! Enjoy!

4) Playing psx isos

A bit more is needed to play PSX ISOs. They need to be converted first. Although there has been a lot of commotion on how to do this, it's actually very simple.

1) Rip your PSX disc into .ISO form (or .bin/cue)

2) Use ZingaBurga's popstation to convert your ISO into an EBOOT

3) Make a folder to put your generated eboot.pbp and keys.bin file. You can pretty much call it whatever you want, but make sure that it doesnt contain any subfolders, and make sure that its name is less than 20 characters.

4) Place your folder in the GAME directory. eg) X:\PSP\GAME <----- put it here

5) Enjoy

5) Help

1) I'm scared i'll brick my psp!

Don't worry. as long as you dont switch of you psp and your charger is in you'll be fine!

2) When i download an iso there are lots of weird folders.

The folders are parts of the game, split up to save space. You will need winrar to stick them all together again (click here if you don't already have it) Just right click on one of the parts, and click on extract files to..., then ok. It will then "glue them together" and you will be left with he iso. Simply put that iso into the ISO folder on your psp. You can then delete those parts.

3) How do i play homebrew games???

All you need to do, is download the game, and place it in the GAME folder on your psp.

4) Hey! the homebrew doesn't work!!!

You might need to change your psp's kernal. Hold R when you switch your psp into recovery mode. Go to configuration, Game folder homebrew and press x to change to 1.50 kernel

5) How do you stop the psp from auto loading the umd??

Hold R when you switch your psp into recovery mode. Go to configuration, skip SCE logo, then press x to enable

6) HOLY CRAP! I bricked my psp!!!

Don't worry, Go into recovery mode and go to "run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP" that will "unbrick" your psp

7) I don't have the recover folder!!!

Firstly download the recovery folder.
(To recover back to 3.10 OE-A, download this recovery folder)
Go to toggle USB in recovery mode. This will allow your psp to connect to your computer via usb. Put the recovery folder in "GAME". Now go to "run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP"

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Exclamation A little problem..

Ok, so I have the official 3.03 firmware. I formatted my memory stick before doing anything with the HEN files and I also have an unpatched version of GTA:LCS. I did everything that I was supposed to do but GTA just loads the beginning of the game. Since I have no save files for GTA, I don't see why this is happening. Any ideas?
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You mention a lot of tools here but any source's to get them from ???

ThanX Grumpy
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google is your friend
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