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High-end mp3mp4 player contorl comparison

Here, I am not going to discuss about the functionalities but control over some brands of mp3mp4 players.

1. Ipod Touch.

It far exceeds as just mp4 player, combining with Wi-Fi wireless connection, access to office software and much more, buttons or touch pad definitely canít fit the task. Ipod touch use the the same input method as the Apple iPhone - the multi-touch which enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. This is future design, I am imagining how great if this technology is using on PC.

2. Ipodí clickable scroll wheel.

This round kind of click scroll wheel is ipodís symple and used in later ipod players. Actually this kind of wheel functions both buttons and touch pad. With the clickable scroll wheel, when you depress the wheel, you get physical feedback that lets you know that youíve pushed a button. This new version worked so well that Apple decided to build it into the full-size, fourth-generation iPod, doing away with buttons altogether. One of drawback of ipodís clickable scroll wheel is that it takes much space of the player and hence have the player somewhat a little looks of chubby and squat.

3. Creative ZEN Touch.

a vertical version of ipodís clickable scroll wheel. The Zen Touch makes a bit more sense conceptually because song lists run up and down instead of in circles. But the scroll wheel lets you scroll faster because your finger can go around continuously instead of returning to the top of the strip. To make the Zen Touch even more competitive with the iPod, I recommended to Creative that it implement a new feature that would scroll down one screen, which is the same theory behind clicking down a Web page or Word document. This might make it easier to find what youíre looking for without being dizzied by all that text whizzing past you. The drawback of the control is that it also takes much place of the player left small room for screen and packed with many buttons and iocns, I canít help meyself feel complicated.

more from this original source http://blog.sourcingmap.com/?p=34
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