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Old 01-12-2000, 11:22
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A/V sync problem with DOA2 LE

Does anyone have a audio/video sync problem with their copy of Dead or Alive Limited Edition? On my copy, during the sequence when Kasumi and Hayabusa are talking, Hayabusa would talk but his lips would not move, then the cd would be seeking like crazy while the cd audio continues on. Then the sequence continues on with Hayabusa's lips moving but no audio. Then at the end of the intro sequence with Kasumi would be silence, no music or sound effects. Is there something wrong with my copy or is it just a limitation of the backup cd?
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Old 01-12-2000, 11:59
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i've noticed that the demo movie on DOA2:LE japan does not run as smoothly as the usa DOA2.

i have no idea why. i don't really care anyway, as long as i can play the game.
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