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Old 15-07-2003, 07:15
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Gear Pro, Mini DVD+Rs, Y Screwdriver

I'm new to this forum, but I have a well equipped PC, and I'm willing to take a crack at copying GC games. I have a DVD+RW drive, and I have Gear Pro 6.03 Professional. I used Gear Pro's Disc Info option and came up with some very interesting results:

Medium type- DVD
Disc type- DVD-ROM, sigle layer, region 00h
Disc size- 1392.05 MB 158:25:05 mm:ss.ff
Used space- 1392.05 MB 158:25.05 mm:ss.ff
Free space(sect.2048)- -- --
Free frames- --
Sessions- 01
Tracks- 01
Erasable- No
Overwritable- No
Appendable- No
Media Catalog Code(UPCEAN)- Not available
First writable address- Not available

Track 01: Time-158:25.05 Start-00:02.00 Size-1392.34 MB Type-Mode 1

Some of this info is already known or obvious, but some was surprising and interesting. Could the fact that track 1 starts at 00:02.00 have anything to do with problems others are having? I also tried using Gear Pro's disc info option with my regular DVD-ROM, and it didn't recognize the disc there. Maybe you have to have a +RW drive to perform successful reads? Anyway, I really want to try this, but I need to find some Mini DVD+Rs. Can anyone suggest where I can get some? And finally, I want to open up my Gamecube, but I need a Y-screwdriver. Can anyone help with this? Anyway, everything I read here has made me excited about working on this. Anyone who can help or comment on what I said would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 18-07-2003, 12:39
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check this out

I would contact this group
And see if you can help them out, plus you won't be starting from zero, as they already know what they're doing. (somewhat)
Gainesville, Florida, USA
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