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Old 21-07-2003, 16:34
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Question Good Future XBOX?

Hi again.. Well I was wondering if my xbox which is gonna be like this in the near future is a pretty good one. I need some of your opinions and I would really appreciate them..

- 29-wire homebrew chip with the xecuter 2 4977 bios on it (My only option since I live in the Middle East and any modchips I can have access to are homebrew ones with oldddddddd Elite-X bioses.. So I pay extra for the xecuter bios )

- 120 GB HDD 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache (what brand would you reccommend? I've heard that maxtor isn't that much compatible with XBOXes)

-Slayer's Auto Installer V 2.4 (It will install evox for me right?)

So how would that be for a combo? Good..? Bad..?

Please reply, thanks..
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Old 22-07-2003, 05:59
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Well, the only thing that I would contradict is the 29 wire install, but if that is all you have access to then I guess nothing can be done. However, if you can only have access to homebrew chips, you can probably make the cheapmod chip for cheaper (unless you are buying the homebrew). Also, is is only a 10 wire install, far more easier than the 29 since only 1 point would be considered hard.

As for Hdd's, I'd recommend Seagates. Seems that many people choose those.
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Old 22-07-2003, 07:49
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Is there really no way possable for you to get another chip?
What you should do is try and get your hands on a Matrix chip, from there flash the TSOP this way you have no need for a chip inside that XBox at all. LOL you could prob. make some money doing them too.

So what is stopping you from getting any other chip? Customs, post office, dealers won't ship???
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Old 22-07-2003, 11:58
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1) NO Soldering skills whatsoever..
2)Can't trust myself near opened-up hardware
3)Not having a credit card and a country in which paypal isn't supported..
4)I'm 14 years old..

Oh, and I was going to do the 007 trick to flash the TSOP at a local computer shop, but my dad forbid me to do such a risky operation, and the homebrew modchips would do fine..
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