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Old 02-09-2002, 14:30
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Question Fix for JK2 NOCD Multiplayer Error Msg: CL_ParsePacketEntities

*Fix for JK2 NOCD Multiplayer Error Msg: CL_ParsePacketEntities*

I keep getting this error message:

"CL_ParsePacketEntities - end of message"

when playing in multiplay mode over a local lan (just 2 computers).

It forces me to rejoin the game and hangs the server. I've applied paatch 1.04 and no-cd crack.

I've discovered that the problem is because of the cd crack.

Does anyone know of a NO-CD fix that fixes the multiplayer problem?

From another forum:

NOTE: The crack for the multiplayer version uses a loader to bypass the file and memory checks. If the check fails you will get the following error: "CL_ParsePackageEntities: end of message" - so watch out !

From Raven FAQs:

5. How do I fix the CL_ParsePacketEntities Error?

This error occurs in multiplayer if you are using the cracked executable. You need the executable from the
Jedi Outcast CD and not the bootlegged one. Shame on you.

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