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Old 30-12-2007, 10:42
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Originally Posted by nando2002 View Post
the mds and mdf is like the cue and bin, you can't create a bin from a cue because the cue only tells you the track and length.
the mds only has the media info while the mdf carries the disk itself.

I have no problem at all since I create my own mdf and apply the mds given.
But this was just a try. For this kind of Starforce games I prefer the crack over the image.
:lol: i know what is a **.cue file and i know the signification from a **.sub or **.img, nobody tel you how to make a bin from a cue or a mds from a mdf, just, rename your file to **.mds and mount it as it ware an **.iso make a try it run. as same, you can mount a bin file without any cue
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Old 30-12-2007, 11:39
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Well, you canīt fake this starforce version with mounting "any file named as xy.mdf".

I tried to generate a mini-image, but was not succesfull. A completely zeroed .mdf with the original filesize doesnīt work either. So I came to the conclusion that you NEED the full disc because of maybe a random sector-check.

Maybe poseden could drop a few lines here if he reads this, because he seems to be very skilled in creating mini/maxi-images.
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Old 30-12-2007, 12:24
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Google Translation Russian->English of an article by AlB:

What exactly is a ISOProtection?

As we all know, starfors since version 3.33 .* introduced a lock file system, but for pure coincidence, it turned out that starfors did not check on the integrity of the contents of the disc, omission was immediately used's a mini images (a disk with reduced size).
In fact, according to the developers tuls demon, with the possibility of the use of the images reduced in size was totally unexpected for them is themselves, in fact, this opportunity was nothing more than a mistake emulation (Pochasche to such useful errors).
Blocking is a one additional cycle, which the defence has done after verification of physical properties of the disk. In detail, first read sector to test the physical properties of the disk of 140 sectors, and then already read 24 ~ random "garbage" sector aimed at making this a lock measurable, and thereby identify emulation. With the advent of mini images, users were able to circumvent the lock file system, as the sector is no longer required to deduct from the image they generirovalis time being slaughtered in the summer of zeroes and completely unlike a full no languishing in the queue at that time, which usually starfors includes a lock file system.
But such an opportunity could be used so long as the starfors did not check their contents. There is a natural step for the protection of adding banalneyshey was checking some sectors on their integrity for the purpose of enforcement of a full, nothing in this clever course not, and thus was born the so-called ISOProtection that in general the majority of other defence and had no surplus name.
Publisher creates a disk image, then drive is scanned, randomly chosen different sectors with different contents, they generated checksums, then these amounts are encrypted from foreign eyes and those already implemented encrypted amount of 6 sectors, which are appended to the end of the finished image.
You can certainly speculate about the number of sectors for which created checksums, but their number is strictly limited, because this method is applied to CD or DVD disks, not at all desire to fit in 12228 byte checksums, for example, for a 350000-CD sectors. But even if they will be thousands or less / more, this would already be enough to hinder the possibility of identifying these sectors because of the game they are playing different, but accidentally deducted only two sectors, and not the fact that everything at once tested.
The test for the maintenance is a further interim cycle of 8 working between sectors of the physical test of the 140 sectors, and the cycle with random "garbage" sectors, where the braking...
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Old 29-04-2023, 10:46
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Post Trackmania United Patch

Hello,I'm looking for old Trackmania United patch.
They are a Google Drive folder contains several patches of the different trackmania games but a lot are still missing. I noticed someone posted a link to gameshow but the site no longer exists.

I know that on this site there were versions up to I would like to know if anyone on the forum still has one of their patches and can share them with me.

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Old 08-04-2024, 05:24
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I'm pretty sure I tried the 2.0.9 crack before and it loaded the game, but froze up before getting to the main menu.
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