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The Technomancer

Hi all,

I've recently been attempting to test the title, "The Technomancer" to see what can and cannot be ripped, however I'm running into a small issue. The title only supports CPU's with 4 cores, anymore and you'll be greeted with an inifinte loading screen, post-intro-videos. I'm aware you can restrict the number of cores to be used on a windows machine by going "System Configuration" --> "Boot" --> "Advanced Options" --> "Number of precessors:", however this process requires a system restart for changes to take effect, and seems like an awfully large annoyance for the end-user.

I attempted to use a simple batch script (see the following for an explanation if you're unclear as to the function of this script)
start "" /affinity 3 "TheTechnomancer.exe"
to reduce the number of cores accessible to the executable, however this results in an immediate CTD, mere seconds after the attempted launch of said executable.

Has anyone managed to get this title working on > 4 Core systems, without the former method, or at least a method that doesn't require the end-user restarting the system/vm?

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