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Old 05-06-2014, 20:21
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Useless 'thanks' posts!

Lately we are seeing more and more 'Useless' thanks posts where members simply post the word 'Thanks'. There is a Thanks button to the right of each post, USE IT!
Useless Thanks posts only clutter up the forums, if we allowed every member to simply post 'Thanks' then other members would have to scroll through many useless posts just to find the important information.
We used to regularly clean each conversion thread to remove the irrelevant posts to make it easier for every member to quickly find the info they need, but after a few years and many more useless thanks post I have stopped cleaning and sorting each thread. I have more important things I would rather be doing than deleting posts every day.

Help us Moderators help you!

Heed this warning, 3 Useless Thanks posts and you will be banned!

I don't want to ban people for something so trivial but now you have been warned so when you find your account banned you will only have yourself to blame.

If you MUST write a thanks post then it MUST also contain useful info relevant to the conversion. Here are 2 excellent examples of what I consider a 'Useful' thanks post:

Originally Posted by mier90 View Post
Great conversion. Works fine on Win7 Professional x64. 0% error.

Game v2.1.3.6 + DLCs [ENG Language Only]. Compile took ~1h10min on my system. Installation ~20min.

ISO size : [From 14GB game folder]
Disk1 : 4.36GB
Disk2 : 4.02GB (Redist Incl.)

Thanks mesut28!.
Originally Posted by mier90 View Post
Install, play, and uninstall works fine on Win7 Professional x64.

Compress took ~45min and install took ~7min on my system.

Game v1.1 + ENG Language ONLY.

Final ISO size of 3.25GB. And those catchy BG music is awesome.

Thank you spawniectes !

p/s: No need to move uninstall file from game folder, as uninstall file isn't included in both data*.lst
Can't find a Game Conversion? Check the 'Conversion INDEX'

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