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Old 06-09-2013, 13:26
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uninstalled original version, then installed from conversion files ? AND also installed any of the pre-requisites as well ( if on new PC ) ?
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anitaylor007 (16-09-2013)
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Old 16-09-2013, 10:06
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no,i vnt tried to install on another pc,but on my pc,uninstalled the original version,completely cleared all the reg entries,and den installed from the conversion files,bt could make it work,pls help me with it,coz i really liked the launcher and the installer UI
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Old 27-09-2013, 08:41
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I am getting issue in Data3.cab compression! Stucking @ 10.1% !!! I think Data3.cab size should not even more than 500MB! What this batch is doing by creating 5GB temp files???

Compressing 31 files, 2,856,004,374 bytes. Processed 10.0%
Compressing 2,856,004,374 bytes with precomp -intense0 -c- -t-jnf -zl31,34,39,44
,55,64,67,68,73,74,75,84,85,94,97,99 -d0 -o$$arcpackedfile$$.tmp $$arcdatafile
Precomp v0.4.2 - ALPHA version - USE FOR TESTING ONLY
Free for non-commercial use - Copyright 2006-2011 by Christian Schneider

Input file: $$arcdatafile$$.tmp
Output file: $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

Using PACKJPG.DLL for JPG recompression.

--> packJPG DLL v2.4WIP4 (11/06/2008) by Matthias Stirner <--
More about PackJPG here: http://www.elektronik.htw-aalen.de/packjpg

100.00% - New size: 5403962523 instead of 2856004374

Time: 21 minutes, 17 seconds

Recompressed streams: 82274/82328
zLib streams (intense mode): 82274/82328

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Old 27-09-2013, 09:45
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Thanks, conversion is working fine!
But now the application is not launching!
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Old 21-11-2013, 14:28
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Worked only when i deleted setup.ini file like spawniectes suggested.

Thanks alot man, Great work

Ok just retested (I wanted to play, but i have a problem now).

Game installs, but refuses to start (like AllGames mentioned). So i compared to original and noticed that there was about a gig of files missing, then i checked all Data*.cab files and noticed that the files inside Data3.cab were not extracting.

Gonna remake conversion by squeezing all files in only 2 cab files instead of 3. Hope it works. (Just btw, i tested the conversion multiple time before and it worked great and now refuses to do so)

Game works now fine with only 2 cab files. Tested on multiple computers.

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bionic commando, dvd9 to 1dvd5, lzma, precomp, srep

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