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Old 08-04-2002, 16:47
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Unhappy Enable Code Wanted - Rockman X6


I have tried Gameshark codes that worked on Rockman X5, I have tried the PSX bootdisc on an un-mod'ed unit, and neither can get around the Mod-Protect on this game (Sony will die by my hand).

I'm using an un-mod'ed PSX with a legitamate import from Japan of Rockman X6, everything is legit/legal (except bootdisc/gameshark, obviousy ) so I'm rather ticked that I cannot play the game, I have not had luck with any of the existing enable codes out there from other games for gameshark. I cannot find any enable codes that work on Rockman X6. Is anybody able to find out what the enable code for it is (again, this is the Japanese version, not the domestic Mega Man X6)?

Thanx a lot,
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Old 11-04-2002, 09:49
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There or no enable codes for x6 yet, each game needs it's own specific enable code.

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