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Old 02-04-2020, 15:22
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Lightbulb Light Installer Script (LIS) - DiskSpan_GUI

I read some user comments here on the forum looking for the simplest installer possible, but with the features present in CIU and ASIS.
Light Installer Script (LIS) has the same compressors as CIU/ASIS, but with the simplicity of a basic Inno Setup installer, ideal for beginners.
Remove ";" from the beginning of the ;#define Is64BitOnly line in the InstallerScript file if the game is only compatible with 64-bit systems.
Others settings and also the language definition are made within the *.iss script through ISPP definitions.
Special thanks to all the developers of the compressors and librarys used in this installer.
I hope it will be useful to users looking for compression only, not design.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
- Added support for Persian (Farsi) language to Light Installer Script (Thanks to Gehrman for collaboration). 
- Added support for skinsharp skins (SkinH.dll library by Shegorat) to Light Installer Script. 
  >> The library of the skinsharp does not support special characters like cyrillic characters.
  >> So languages like Russian and Japanese and Persian should get broken using skinsharp.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
- Updated support to DiskSpan_GUI
- Added optional second ProgressBar.
- Added polish language support.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
- Removed COMPRESSOR_GUI/DiskSpan.bat support (Only DiskSpan_GUI is supported).
- Removed support for internal extraction data settings (Removed internal and external Setup.ini) 
- Removed CreateDLL function (Only needed for DiskSpan.bat/UltraARC.exe). 
- Fixed some minor bugs.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
- Added support for XTool 2020 to LIS.
- Added LIS compatibility with DiskSpan_GUI tool.
  >> Now an external DLL with the compressor files is needed to perform the extraction.
  >> When compressing the game using the DiskSpan_GUI tool, the DLL will be created automatically with only the compressors needed to perform the extraction.
  >> If you compress using another tool such as UltraArc or DiskSpan.bat, you will need to create the DLL manually, selecting in the COMPRESSOR_GUI.exe the compressors you want to include.
  >> Then click on the button "Create DLL" or enable the line ";#define CreateDLL" at the beginning of the CIU script (The compressors defined in COMPRESSOR_GUI.exe will be used).
- Fixed some minor bugs.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
  - Updated compressor/decompressor "ZStandard" (ZSTD) from v1.4.4 to v1.4.5 (x64 + x86).
  - Fixed an error that did not include compressors/decompressors when selecting RazorTools tools that are specific to one of the games.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
  - Fixed CRC error when performing the extraction.
    >> Does not match checksum! (ERROR: <FileName> CRC Check) (FreeArc error code -12)
    >> The error was in the "COMPRESSOR_GUI.exe" file that displayed errors when using compressors XTool or ZTool.  
  - Added functionality to use the "CLS-DISKSPAN.dll" original build by Razor12911 just replacing the DLL in the folder.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
  - Updated UltraARC to version 2900 R9.
  - Fixed the "LabelCurrFileName" label to display the correct path of the file being extracted.
  - Fixed progress bar to display the bar by the amount of file "Data#.bin.001" when not using the key Size=.
    >> The Size= key used in the "Records.ini" file or in the [ExtractSettings] section of the "Setup.ini" file.

- Removed "PMT" from LIS (Reason: "MTX" has the same functionality).
- Removed "PrecompX" from LIS (Reason: "MTX" has the same functionality).
- Added "MTX" v5.0 to LIS compression methods like: precomp, mpzapi, razor, lolz.
  >> Use in DiskSpan.bat: precomp_mtx, mpzapi_mtx, razor_mtx, lolz_mtx.
  >> More information about MTX at: https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103664
- Added new RazorTools decompression method ue4dt/UE4DT "Unreal Engine 4 Decryption Tool".
  >> More information about ue4dt.exe at: https://www.fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103145
  >> DiskSpan.bat defined method like using:
  >> set GAME[1].METH[1]=ue4dt:m2:k0x5DD20432F2AD810071033FC3F925FFDFD647514524D0A0D222E17D76BAF57BFD+lzma:ultra 
  >> ue4dt.exe e|d -m# -c# -b# -k# <stdin> <stdout>
     >> -m = method (1 = games that use borderlands3, street figher v... format, 2 = games that use rune ii format)
     >> -c = chunk size
     >> -b = block count
     >> -k = key in hexadecimal.  

- Added new "RazorTools" decompression method "Metro Exodus", "Project CARS 3", "Saints Row 3 Remastered", "Death Stranding"
  >> Currently LIS supports all these Razor12911 tools.
  >> FIFA 19 Cas Decryption Tool + Precompressor https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102461
  >> Project CARS 2|3 Bff Decryption Tool        https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102524
  >> Death Stranding Decryption Tool             https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103699  
  >> Metro Exodus Precompression Tool            https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103563  
  >> SRTTR Precompression Tool                   https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103546  
  >> LZO Precompressor (Side project)            https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102615  
  >> LZX Precompressor (Side project)            https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102675
  >> ZSTD Precompressor (Side project)           https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102599
  >> Unreal Engine 4 Decryption Tool             https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103145

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
  - Added Hungarian language to Light Installer Script.
  - Added checking if executable exists to create shortcuts.
  - Added language checking for files to be extracted depending on the installer's chosen language.
  - Added support for ISSKin and VCLStyles on installation and uninstallation.
  - Added custom SelectFolder form to fix errors in some skins.
  - Updated DiskSpan library to version R3 (Modifyed version).
  - Fixed PMT for RAZOR and MPZ compressors.
  - Fixed errors related to the size parameter for correct percentage of the progress bar during the extraction.
  - Added an option to make it possible to use the internal DiskSpan RequestDisk (Optional) if extraction errors occur.
    >> If errors happen you can remove the ";" line ";#define INTERNAL_DiskSpan_RequestDisk" to use the internal RequestDisk of DiskSpan library.
    >> This makes it possible to check if the error is due to using RequestDisk in the script.
  - Added ZSTDRec precompressor option separately in "COMPRESSOR_GUI.exe".

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version (like the previous version)
  - Fixed size of the game that did not work above 4 GB (Include Calc.exe).
  - Added option Rezizable to set resizable style (Supported only with Inno Setup 6).
  - Fixed errors when compiling with Inno Setup 5.
  - Fixed Transparency of the logo when compiled with Inno Setup 5.
  - Fixed the use of PMT for RAZOR and MPZ that was not working before.
  - Fixed Inno Setup 6 messages DiskSpaceGBLabel, DiskSpaceMBLabel in Portuguese (Brasil) language.

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version
  - Updated decompressor RAR (UnRAR.dll) from v5.80 to v5.90

  - Added support for "PMT - Parallel Multithreaded Encoder/Decoder" for "RAZOR" and "MPZ" compressor.
    >> PMT is a 4x4 like algorithm to make everything run parallelly. 
    >> You can run any compressor/encoder that supports stdio/stdin/stdout or even nothing. 
    >> The program can make a single threaded compressor multithreaded by using blocks, just like 4x4.
    >> For more information visit: https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=103230

VERSION: - Release based on CIU version

P.S: The current version of the "Light Installer Script" must be used together with the "DiskSpan_GUI" (by Cesar82) that comes with the source code.

INFO: Download DiskSpan_GUI (Last Version) and extract the "COMPRESSOR" folder to the Light Installer Script SRC folder (Along with InstallerScript.iss).

Last edited by Cesar82; 08-11-2021 at 12:10. Reason: Updated to version (Added U1)
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