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Old 07-11-2000, 06:46
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Safedisc 2

Does anybody have information on the new safedisc2 copy protection, which is pissing us all off. I know its meant to be copy proof but someone must know of a utility which can detect this and pass the settings to clone-cd.

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Old 09-11-2000, 11:57
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This is what SafeDisc 2 is all about...

This piece of info is from http://www.cdrinfo.com
I won't & don't take any credit for this info.

How it works:
The first game, which includes the new SafeDisc v2.0 protection, is Red Alert 2. People have reported that you can easily copy the CD, BUT it will run the CD-ROMs only at the CD-RW drive, which the backup created!! If you try to install it at CD-ROMs you will get an error even original CDs refused to install at many CDROM drives.

How to recognize it:
The .icd file (the new SafeDisc loader) is gone; the loader is now integrated in the .exe files (in case of RA2 in the game.exe ANDE the setup.exe) and has nearly doubled in size. The game seems not to use SubChannel data.
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