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Old 26-10-2000, 06:34
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CD copy protection RED ALERT 2

Hi folks,

anyone out there succesfully made a cd copy of R&A 2 ?

If so then I'd like to know how u did it.

I already tried BlindRead and CloneCD but those boys over at Westwood really made it a challenge this time ;-)

TNX in advance!
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Old 30-10-2000, 03:31
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Old 11-11-2000, 15:53
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lost soul
Well, it would appear that I have copied RA2 ok! Am I missing something? I copied it by reading it on a Teac532S and burning on my Zip650! I have installed the game on two PC's so far one with a teac 540e and one with a pioneer 113 DVD. both seem to run ok!
Does this mean that it will stop halfway during the game?
Lost Soul
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