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Old 17-01-2005, 14:26
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motherboard not responding

This is a bit embarrasing but I cannot remember the solution! I recently built a new system for a workmate, he gave me his old system to practice on. I bought a new case, fitted the board (including cpu and graffics card from old system) plugged in a monitor, cleared CMOS, switched on - nothing! Well, not exactly nothing but a series of beeps. I haven't had this problem for years and can't for the life of me remember how to remedy it. Would appreciate any help!

Motherboard - ECS K7VZA

Have tried ECS website but no joy.
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Old 17-01-2005, 16:41
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beeps is the bios trying to tell you something, there is a site (cant remember right now, google " BIOS BIPS ") that tells you what these bips means, hopefully you'll find the answer to your problem that way
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Old 17-01-2005, 16:54
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How many times does it beep? Try reseating video and memory.
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