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Old 26-06-2003, 05:42
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Exclamation How to copy game to your XBoxes h/d

Following Dudes lead I will see if I can do a worthy sticky for this topic.

First in order to complete this task you will need these items, an XBox that has a mod chip and has a Evox or equivalent dashboard. You will need a PC, a crossover cable or router I will cover the crossover cable here. and finally a ftp program such as Flash FXP.

Let's get started,

First let's hook up the XBox to the PC via the crossover you should have a light that shows green on your XBox if the connection is good and of course if you have the XBox on. Now that we are connected let's open our drive on the XBox and put in a game here we will wait a minute and the flashing green light will stop.

Ok that was fast, now let's open up our FlashFXP now on the left hand side thats your PC on the right the blank thats the XBox no worries, go to quick connect now for host name we will type the IP assigned to the XBox, Whats that you don't know yours, ok go to your settings in the Evox on the first couple lines there you will see your IP if you have it set for Static which is very important. Now password whats the damn password you can find that out as well by scrolling down in the settings. Oh yes xbox and username as well. Ok lets hit it BOOM look at those partitions.

Now the only two places we are concerned with here is the d and the f but first d, go ahead and double click on it. See those files that's the game. First before we start getting ahead of ourselves we need to create a folder on the PC side we should name it the game so we don't get confused here. Ok Now lets open our new folder empty but not for long!! Now go grab those game files and drag them over to this PC side here and lets go get a cofee!!

Phew that was fast, whats that oh yes we are almost there be patient, ok now we have manged to take them from DVD to h/d now we need to put it back on the XBox remember I said f let's go open that up NOTHING IN THERE thats ok. let's make a folder and name it games, great now lets open up games and create another folder we will name this the name of the game we put on the PC now open it up blank right we now transfer the files not the folder the files from the PC to the XBox hd, while were waiting will take a commercial time out.

Thank you for reading FILE FORUMS !!!!!!!!!!

Ok now we have the game on the F drive let's here's where things will be different depending on your evox.ini

If you have an auto add in your games in the ini just reboot the XBox and in you play games off h/d it should be there, if you don't you will have to add it into the evox.ini manually.

**Please note f drive is for those who added a larger drive on there XBox if this is not you then you would put it in another partition and the evox.ini would need to point to it.

To those moderators please feel free to modify this if you think it can be explained better or if I am missing some crucial info!!!!
Now running:
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Xecutor2 Lite
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60G Hd
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And a many thanks to all those here at fileforums
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Old 26-06-2003, 06:46
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very nice

i like it. keep up the good work
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