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Old 13-01-2001, 08:01
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RE:d Alert 2 problems...

I am having real problems with Red Alert 2 UK version, I have tried all the cracks, which load the game, but suddenly kills everyone after a few seconds into a game.

I would like someone to explain better how to create a CD-Copy, as the instructions on http://gcw.e-sayfam.com/games/pc_cc_red_alert_2.shtml#Red Alert 2 v1.0 [US/ENGLISH] CD-Copy are ####ing hard to follow.

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Old 14-01-2001, 23:52
somecrazyguy somecrazyguy is offline
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I'm sorry if I didn't go into enough detail on my last post, but here I go, with an easier set of instructions: (this is how I did it)

1. Copy all of the contents of the allied cd to c:\windows\temp\cd. You will have to create this directory.

2. Next unzip the file ra2_allied_crk to the directory (c:\windows\temp\cd). You can download this file at the GCW website. Its one of the two copy cd files. (one is allied the other soviet).

3. Go to the temp directory: c:\windows\temp\cd then open the setup folder. Click on the crack_allied.bat file.
This will run the crack. YOU WILL get a message saying:
Access Denied
Duplicate file name or file in use
Please delete crack_allied.bat and burn the CD with the label: RA1
Close the window and delete crack_allied.bat. You can also delete the instructions.txt file in the c:\windows\temp\cd directory for you will no longer need these files.

4. Burn the contents of the c:\windows\temp\cd directory to the cd and MAKE SURE you change the label of the cd to RA1. When done delete the cd folder.(you will created again when burning the other cd)

5. After the cd is done burning, repeat steps 1-4, with the soviet cd.
A)unzip the ra2_soviet_crk to the directory instead of the allied crack. You can download this file in the same place as the other.
B)in the setup folder run the crack_soviet.bat
C) and finally, make sure you use the label RA2 when burning the soviet cd!

oh and, don't forget to delete the c:\windows\temp\cd folder again, you don't need it, and it will take a big chunck of the hard drive.

6. After both cds are burned, you can use either to install the game. I used the allied, and thats what I will explain.
A)Put the allied cd into the cd-rom. If autoplay pops up, just close it, you can't install it from there.
B)Open windows explorer, open your cd-rom drive,(it will have the label RA1 if you burned it correctly)
C)Then open the setup folder and run the file setup_allied.
D)Installation will continue as normal from here. After the installation, go back to explorer, open the crack folder on your cd, and copy the Ra2.exe file, to your Red Alert 2 directory on your hard drive. The game should run normally.

I hope this helps!
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