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Old 24-12-2001, 11:16
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at last,wich modchip...?

there are so many modchip i don't know wich to choose from!!!is there any modchip that is the best of all and can play all the backups(even dvd backups)without any swap method or something familiar?is ther any modchip that doesn't need a gameshark?is there a modchip that can be "installed without the need of opening the ps2?
well i know it's really hard to find a modchip like thisand if there was it would have sold over a billion piecies but can somedy give a suggestion and tell what every modchip offers and which he thinks is the best?????
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Old 24-12-2001, 17:15
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the messiah is nearest
boots all direct
but 23 wires to install
and very hard to find 1
hopefully new year we will start to c them
but which new year
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Old 25-12-2001, 10:51
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Modchips that go into the USB port don't do enough. If you can't get MESSIAH, get Origachip (next best - ####://www.origachip.com) and have it fitted professionally. If not then get NEO2.2 8 wires and does everything only a little less easily.
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