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Old 13-01-2001, 16:21
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Burning DC games with Mistumi Burners.

Before anyone reads this go read the big poppa help post it has the most useful information for all you DC backup needs, and the base settings for burning can be found in there. There are just some modifications that should be made to the settings if you are burning Dreamcast games using a Mistumi burner in Disc Juggler. I have a Mitsumi 4802 TE and I thought I would help people out who have been having problems burning dreamcast games with this type of burner. These settings are from Disc Juggler 3.x but should be universal for 2.x.

Under defaults have only the things checked that are stated here.
Raw Read/Write
Ignore Read Errors
Cache CD
Overburn CD

I know in the Big Poppa help post it tells you not to have anything check in the Misc box in the advanced settings tab when burning a cd. But with the Mitsumi leave whatever is in there checked to have the best success rate you possible can.

I hopes this helps you people out and cuts back on the coasters
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Old 13-01-2001, 17:55
Lord Jester Lord Jester is offline
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Lord Jester
Burning DC games with Mistumi Burners.

Thanks for the info JunioR. There have been lots of people posting questions
on how to burn with a Mistumi burner.
Dump Player. http://dctrade.cjb.net/
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Old 17-01-2001, 14:46
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Oh btw if you found any of this info useful please reply. Say anything I don't care just say something so that it will remain on the board longer and people can learn what they need from the Information.
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Old 30-07-2001, 16:43
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junior, i have a mistumi burner just like yours, at first my games came out as just audio files. so naturally i changed it to mode 2.... is that the rite mode? and do i change any of the other settings, i am using discjuggler 2x, haven't been able to burn any games on my computer, but we do on my friends, i need some help.. it also says doesnot reconize the .cdi format.... what do i do, i know i am close just need that extra boost, and by the way i am going to set the rest of my settings to what you said, and thanx again
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