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Old 20-02-2001, 04:12
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i gotta good question.. (about the sims and livin large cdcopy fix)

i wanted to make a backup of the sims and livin large. so i downloaded the sims fix and the livin large fix. then i installed the sims, and used the fix. now, the sims is installed on my computer and i can use the backup cd to run it. so far so good.

now, i want to install livin large. what DO i do.. install livin large and run the fix? but the original Sims.exe got replaced by the new 2 mb Sims.exe from the fix.

was the fix meant for livin large to be installed with a non-fixed sims? will it f*ck the sims up because the sims on my computer doesnt have the original 200k Sims.exe?

i dont know.. can anyone help me?

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Old 20-02-2001, 04:22
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Without the original sims exe installed Livin' Large will only seem to install - it won't though.
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